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  1. I hope everyone had a great Halloween and congratulations to our winners for the PAC competition. As anticipated, this past month has definitely been tough, and I'd like to thank everyone for their continued commitment to the server and to the community. Unfortunately, we're not quite through it yet, many people such as myself still have exams and heavy work schedules ahead. However, I can say with certainty by late November, all shall be well for the festive season. In the meantime, the development team has and will continue to be hard at work, producing awesome content for our community. Be
  2. For years now, there has been a trend where rotation maps lead to lower server pop. Whether it's the mindset of "eww rotation map, im not getting on today" or "this map is too laggy" we somehow always seem to end back on the ISD. Once on the ISD we face the issue of repetition. We've used the map for the past 5 years now, which leads players to complain that every conceivable event and rp scenario has already been done. This cycle has been going on for as long as I can remember so in hopes of gaining a more nuanced insight on this issue, I pose to you these questions. Why don’t you li
  3. Squad system has been upped to 16. This is expressly not reccommended by the addon, so if it breaks the server, the change will be reverted.
  4. Yesterday, we released our Dark RP server, and I can safely say it went extremely well. In addition to that, September was a great month in terms of player count. With increased frequency of events, and more offships in the afternoon, there's more for every kind of player. For those in your final year of school we wish you the best of luck with your exams and don't be afraid to take LOA's to focus on studying. Below I've outlined what changes the IG team achieved last month, with upcoming changes below that. Completed Changes: Dark RP Release Thanks to @Higashi @Tyger @Aiko
  5. To clarify: -The pac does not need to be strictly cannon -The pac must be able to be used by multiple people as a role not a lore/personal character (e.g. New 501st class, NIA model, custom regiment model, inquistior model)
  6. With more than half the country in lockdown, I hope everyone is doing well. Hopefully, the planned changes outlined below can spark just a little bit of excitement about what's to come. Big shoutout to @Kristofer @Jman1308 and the rest of the event team for their great work in the timeline progression, which has now concluded. On the matter of events, expect to see more offship events during the afternoon slot ~4:30 AEST. Before I get onto the upcomoing changes, I'd firstly like to announce that we were able to complete all the changes I mentioned in my post last month. In addition to those ch
  7. 1. The blackmarket weapons will just have different stats not different models (e.g. E-11Z) 2. The blackmarket NPC changes location frequently That's on the list, just not something for this month. Armoury is being wiped, but pointshop weapons will be refunded and those points will be converted at a set rate to the new currency.
  8. Yes blackmarket will be considered illegal and can be punished if you are caught.
  9. Currently, we have several new exciting projects in the works that we plan to release this month. Both the development team and the staff team have been dedicating lots of time and effort into these projects to produce the best experience for the user. Below, I will outline and detail the changes which we expect to be completed in the coming weeks. I would also like to announce the next community meeting which will be held on the 8th of August at 7pm AEST. This will follow a similar format to last time and will be hosted on our discord server. If you have any questions in regards to this
  10. How so? In accordance with the Mincraft EULA Agreement, anything that can be obtained through donations packages can also be obtained through regular playtime.
  11. The time is finally here! Get your squad together and prepare to face off on Imperial Gaming's new Star Wars Factions Server. Imperial Gaming | Minecraft Star Wars Factions | Release Information Release Date: 6pm AEST Friday the 25th of June Minecraft Version: 1.16.5 Wipe Length: 2 Months Map Size: (-2500, -2500) to (2500, 2500) After 3 months of hard work, I can finally announce that the minecraft server is ready to be released. Firstly I'd like to thank @Kristofer and his team for producing this awesome trailer. Secondly, I'd again like to thank
  12. As mentioned in the community meeting a couple weeks ago, myself and several other members of the community have been hard at work developing the next frontier for Imperial Gaming. Since the beginning, this community has had a diverse range of interests which intersected at our joint love for star wars. That’s why we believe a star wars themed minecraft factions server is the way forward whilst remaining true to our core beliefs. We hope to do some play-testing this coming week, with full release in the following weeks. With all this said, below I will outline the key mechanics of the gamemode
  13. Accepted You will be unbanned tonight & placed on a month probation period. Any rule breaking will result in your ban being reinstated. Please take this time to familiarise yourself with the Imperial Gaming Rules Welcome Back to the Community!
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