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  1. I was the superior senior EM, I wore the pants in the relationship @Mongo xo.
  2. Its no greedo goes to Italy but good job fellas
  3. Some of those clips really bring me back to when I use to be Swoll
  4. Its been a while since I've sat down and looked back on some of the golden times and with all these new changes I thought we could take a trip down memory lane to reminisce together and pepehands every picture that hits you in the feels. Feel free to share anything you have below as well. Clone Wars: Imperial: The Boys: That's my little collection right there, Im sure someone has a few more than me but I felt like sharing my wholesome pictures. Shthankyou.
  5. Kristofer. You truly are the most intellectual man in the galaxy, I admire you.
  6. Eetswa adlay, Buncha ogdays jumping me. You'll be hearing from my oysbay soon.
  7. Happy

    It's Time.

    Im having flashbacks
  8. Praying you get that hilux ay @Tinky
  9. The creme of the crop, and rise to the top?
  10. I have scowered the depths of wookieepedia for a solid 5 minutes, can confirm my brain hurts.
  11. Happy

    Source Code Leaked.

    Im in >:) I bypassed the mainframe its My data now mr mongo.
  12. Minecraft Name: EastTownChinaMan
  13. I believe clone wars is well worth another go, It was an experience I amongst many other thoroughly enjoyed playing for large periods of time daily. Something about the Clone wars era is so appealing and it felt like a fun ride everyday even though I did spend most my days running events it was still fun to Patrol the base it just had a different feeling to it, its hard to describe. The server was just forgotten about and deserves another look at as it has potential and so many lads disappeared because they weren't a fan of Imperial which is fair its not everyone cup of tea. I reckon if done c
  14. Fred I believe your a pretty good and positive person and thats always a good sign. Your responses are very detailed and your events are well planned and detailed. I think you would make a great member to the team so I'll give you a big Postive Support there. Best of luck mate.
  15. Hey Friend, as previously stated your responses are lacking detail, Take your time and elaborate on your points. Its always good to check out previous accepted applicants (Accepted EM Apps) to get an idea of what the EM team is looking for in responses. However your event planning isn't half bad but could still use some work, your Ideas are very bland. As an Event Master you should be looking to make interesting and exciting events that players will enjoy. If you go through and take the time to improve your application I would be happy to leave a +1. I also recommend taking some time to learn
  16. Hey man, I recommend adding lots more detail to your Responses and Event ideas, Plan the events out and you're going to need more than 1 or 2 sentence responses. Its worth taking the time to head over to the accepted applications (Accepted EM apps) to get an idea of the level of detail you should be striving for, use them as inspiration. If you can Improve on both of those Things I would be happy to leave a positive support. Take your time and proof read your writing as well before submitting it. Best of luck to you.
  17. Happy

    Lil Kumo Goes In

    Wow, I was there! He did truly go in tho frfr godbless Yung KumO.
  18. You truly are a gaming warlord auzii
  19. Ah yes I see, My intellect allows me to understand.
  20. +1 All Reasons above, Very good guy and has potential to do great things as a mod
  21. Happy


    Boys and Girls, I think it's about time, I finally come out of my hidey hole. I’ve missed each and everyone of you very very much and due to unfortunate personal events I wasn't able to play for quite some time. I had to go outside and do real world things. It was traumatic and I'll never do such a thing again. I am happy to say I'm now finally BACK! Now let's make more fantastic memories and terrible jokes and have a good time like we once did. I'm looking forward to seeing all the lads again and meeting some newer faces. Much love to you all and I’ll see you in TS and In game. All praise the
  22. Ahahaha This is actually one of the best things Iv read in ages. The Engineer CO days were some of the most painful but the funniest days ever, Im glad I took the opportunity and got to meet and command some of the funniest people I have met. Even though CW wasnt the most popular it was amazing to be apart of. Truly epic post sparx.
  23. YEAHHHH RICKLE. Goodbye my fellow Gentlemen. I shall miss you very much you young handsome boy. Catch you in the bushes of love. <3
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