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  1. I was the superior senior EM, I wore the pants in the relationship @Mongo xo.
  2. Its no greedo goes to Italy but good job fellas
  3. Some of those clips really bring me back to when I use to be Swoll
  4. Its been a while since I've sat down and looked back on some of the golden times and with all these new changes I thought we could take a trip down memory lane to reminisce together and pepehands every picture that hits you in the feels. Feel free to share anything you have below as well. Clone Wars: Imperial: The Boys: That's my little collection right there, Im sure someone has a few more than me but I felt like sharing my wholesome pictures. Shthankyou.
  5. Kristofer. You truly are the most intellectual man in the galaxy, I admire you.
  6. Eetswa adlay, Buncha ogdays jumping me. You'll be hearing from my oysbay soon.
  7. Happy

    It's Time.

    Im having flashbacks
  8. Praying you get that hilux ay @Tinky
  9. The creme of the crop, and rise to the top?
  10. I have scowered the depths of wookieepedia for a solid 5 minutes, can confirm my brain hurts.
  11. Happy

    Source Code Leaked.

    Im in >:) I bypassed the mainframe its My data now mr mongo.
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