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  1. Ahahaha This is actually one of the best things Iv read in ages. The Engineer CO days were some of the most painful but the funniest days ever, Im glad I took the opportunity and got to meet and command some of the funniest people I have met. Even though CW wasnt the most popular it was amazing to be apart of. Truly epic post sparx.
  2. YEAHHHH RICKLE. Goodbye my fellow Gentlemen. I shall miss you very much you young handsome boy. Catch you in the bushes of love. <3
  3. Goodbye lochie, Ill miss you lots big man. You're a top bloke and I wish you the very best. o7
  4. That Droid wally sounds pretty cool ngl
  5. Iv never minged before in history so I have nothing to add to the matter.
  6. Happy

    The Best Of IG

    This is it ladies and gentlemen. The Juice
  7. +1 Risk is definitely deserving of moderator and has the skills required to fulfil the job perfectly Good Luck.
  8. Happy

    Master Mongo

    Yes, This is very informative and educational.
  9. Who's gonna bring up my old username now
  10. Last Picture taken at a Legendary Major General Yppah Debrief. How epic.
  11. That was a lot of generic scrolling for me to get down to comment this.
  12. Happy


    Damn Bailey, hitting me in the feels like that man. Twas sad to see CW go Epic video nonetheless
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