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  1. Happy


    G'day, Welcome to the lovely Forums.
  2. Your a little Gremlin x Always Rickle.
  3. Happy

    Poster Designs

    Very nice Kurt. Young talent.
  4. Teach me how to set it up after I spend 4 hours updating the game and Ill try my best to play.
  5. Thank you Steam Notification Bot. But I already have Arma and I am terrible.
  6. +1 I think eclipse would make a great developer and the examples are very nice. Good luck bud.
  7. The game is very neato thank you bailey Very smart Idea for a karma farm
  8. This tube was the biggest pain. Thankfully my excellent engineers had my back
  9. It really do be like that huh
  10. +1 Most of the addons you have suggested I like, Some Im iffy about but Id still like to see most of these implemented.
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