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  1. @zaspan, Just for you my friend
  2. I honestly have no idea why you making these claims, I made edits to my application a while ago after @Whitey made the his comment and I just recently made more edits. In the matter of saying I am hostile and bias, Besides keeping in character in-game I usually get along well with others unless there is an obvious reason, I speak my mind when I reply to other peoples posts regardless of it coming off a bit harsh but I always say not to take it personally. If you feel that I am wrong in my comment please let me know but I honestly don't see what you mean.
  3. I warn some of you now the following video may be a little extreme
  4. yahell1

    Multiple Binds

    Simple @Keta multiple pac events can be run at the same time much in the same way you would bind multiple console commands to the same key use semicolons ( ; ) to separate your commands within the quotes bind <KEY> "pac_event 1stpacname 2; pac_event 2ndpacname 2" However you could probably save time by pulling the pacs under the same event or name both event commands to the same name
  5. Butchers comments are excellently put and I would suggest if you do intend on coming back on who ever you are that you tone down that smugness. And as Stevo said if you do not want to hear these comments remember to keep that modem switched off.
  6. -1 I agree with the above comments, you have rushed the application and it does not look like you even read the application rules as it clearly states
  7. Hello Remus, I have read your application and needed to think on it for almost half an hour but what I am going to do is give you a plus. My reasons behind this are... People mentioned your application is not presented well but I must note that new rules have been added recently that restrict applications to White text only. (Feel free to contact me if I am not interpreting that correctly Lincoln) Your answers appear to be lacking in quantity however you do answer the questions in enough detail that satisfies me. You are fairly active from what I am seeing. You are
  8. +1 Props are always fun to have as long as they don't cause issues on the server.
  9. I like this idea however In my opinion we already have enough regiments on board the ship 30 % of which are dead. I suggest we look at ways to fill them before we add new regiments (main or sub) into the mix. However I will add one suggestion. Don't give them explosives indefinitely but if you must only optional for events. I can really see that being abused on ship and not to mention from my point of view I do not believe any other regiment actually makes use of SLAM's.
  10. I agree that this is not how ALD Secretaries should act as it is not professional. However it is the most credits we have raised since ALD started.
  11. -1 In Summary, You want to arm your regiment to the teeth, give Kreel a lightsaber, throw in a Sub-Regiment and Restrict it all to PAC Users only. Please do explain to me how this is fair to everyone else on the ship?
  12. -1 Regardless of the prior comments, I would really like to know how someone like you who has experience being staff on 5 different servers, has more then 2 weeks playtime on the server and still can write an application that has little to no effort put into it. Please do not take offense to my comment but if you intend to apply for a rank of responsibility on this server I would highly suggest you take your application more seriously.
  13. + 1 In my opinion, I have seen mythical reasonably active most afternoons, I have not seen him minge or cause any issues, he seems fairly mature and hes pac ideas look alright. To why you have some -1's above is beyond me but I see no reason to follow that pitty party. Good luck in your application
  14. Hey Guys, just something I should note. After spending about half an hour running though the Roster script to try and grasp what it does altogether I have made yet another edit to my solution. Upon looking I realised that the IMPORTXML was pulling a long list of info and it hit me that the script may not be looking all the way down the sheet so I edited the A2 Cell to //td[@style] This should shorten the list that is imported by the script and should fix that issue. Any Regiment rosters that I am managing already have this fix applied (Sith & Shock).
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