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  1. @zaspan, Just for you my friend
  2. I warn some of you now the following video may be a little extreme
  3. Butchers comments are excellently put and I would suggest if you do intend on coming back on who ever you are that you tone down that smugness. And as Stevo said if you do not want to hear these comments remember to keep that modem switched off.
  4. +1 Props are always fun to have as long as they don't cause issues on the server.
  5. I like this idea however In my opinion we already have enough regiments on board the ship 30 % of which are dead. I suggest we look at ways to fill them before we add new regiments (main or sub) into the mix. However I will add one suggestion. Don't give them explosives indefinitely but if you must only optional for events. I can really see that being abused on ship and not to mention from my point of view I do not believe any other regiment actually makes use of SLAM's.
  6. I agree that this is not how ALD Secretaries should act as it is not professional. However it is the most credits we have raised since ALD started.
  7. -1 In Summary, You want to arm your regiment to the teeth, give Kreel a lightsaber, throw in a Sub-Regiment and Restrict it all to PAC Users only. Please do explain to me how this is fair to everyone else on the ship?
  8. Hey Guys, just something I should note. After spending about half an hour running though the Roster script to try and grasp what it does altogether I have made yet another edit to my solution. Upon looking I realised that the IMPORTXML was pulling a long list of info and it hit me that the script may not be looking all the way down the sheet so I edited the A2 Cell to //td[@style] This should shorten the list that is imported by the script and should fix that issue. Any Regiment rosters that I am managing already have this fix applied (Sith & Shock).
  9. I'll be on ts when I get home, I'll look into it then.
  10. You do not need to reload any scripts manually. Just replace the cells as mentioned and let the scripts fix everything else on their own.
  11. Do not worry about the other cells you noted above, they have no effect on the activity monitor. To my understanding Cell G1 is only suppose to show server details not player information which makes it irrelevant. Best not to do anything to it for the meantime
  12. Problem Currently for those who are using the Activity Monitor that Pablo setup instructions for a long time ago you may have noticed that the player roster is no longer counting when players listed on your sheet come online. This is because the web service it looks at http://www.gameserverdirectory.com/ has gone down and I am not sure when it will be back Solution Game Server Directory may be down temporarily but in the meantime I have a solution to this issue... 1. Go to your "Player List" Sheet on your Regiment Roster 2. Replace the following Cells with the inf
  13. Okay my extremely worded friend I shall provide you my input on this. @Whitey & @Wombatiacus make excellent points, you can accomplish both goals by simply joining engineers or applying for PAC To compact your argument (and by all means correct me if I am wrong) you are essentially asking for a new rank similar to PAC teir 1 or teir 2 but the only difference is instead of PAC privileges people would have access to tools on a daily basis and not have the need to ask staff member so you are essentially cutting out the middle man. The current system works better, has less pr
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