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  1. I had a problem like that with the nova troopers, ending up download the Gmod textures and CS Source textures, Seemed to fix the problem.
  2. Congrats Frank on Palp and Congrats Carnifrank on grand inquistor
  3. Many thanks bro, the networkrefresh.bat has seemed to of done the trick now to download all the content again.
  4. Hey everyone, Ive had this issue for a few days now. Try to join the imperial starwars server and get stuck on "authenticating with steam" then after 5 or so minutes i get timed out. Ive tried everything to fix this issue "validiate content, reinstall garrys mod, remove addons, reinstall steam" Ive now ran out of ideas. I can join other servers just not the one i always play on being imperial starwars so im not sure if my ip has been blocked on the server or whats going on. Any tips on how to fix this if youve had the same issue in the past would be amazing. thanks
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