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  1. My app has more detail than some of the ones that have been accepted, just saying. Do you want me to make the text bigger so it looks like there's more there or smaller to make it seem like there is less detail? End of the day its up to the head admins to decide. In my opnion the people commenting are usually the ones that know who the player is for then they +1, netural or -1 them. Thats just how i see it and from my experience think how all this works. Thanks for your feedback anyways, its always appreciated.
  2. - Dont know how i missed that question, Its now been added. - I feel i have covered most details that are required, Keep things short and sweet. For the people that know who i am know what im like and if the application gets accepted im more than happy to share more detail in an interview. - Dont worrie i get that alot, the joys of being bound to the sith temple from being in RST & RG.
  3. I dont know where you got 2 months from but 2-3 weeks i was inactive due to work commitments.
  4. Steam Name: Arctiic Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:14139387 In game name and rank: LOSI - Storm Trooper Private Previous In game name and rank: Arctiic - 442nd Master Sergeant Arctiic - RST Major Kir Kanos - RG Commander Time Played: Have you had any warns (If so state them): 0 Warnings. Have you had any bans (If so state them): 0 Bans. Have you been a Staff on previous servers if so please list them: Nope! Why are you applying for this position?: I have applied before but didnt make the cut, I have decided to reapply for trail mod as i think i would make
  5. Would you like to see the RG commander wearing a cape and other cool things? Yes, Please leave your kind words below and give this man a +1 Many thanks Kir Kanos RG Commander
  6. In game name and rank: Royal Guard Commander Kir Kanos [Arctiic] Scenarios Someone Mass RDM’s and disconnects from the server. What do you?: I would respone to the mass RDM, Notice the player is no longer connected so i would check the server logs to check if the mass rdm is true, if so i would take screenshots / players steam ID or whatever is suitable and hand it over to an admin/super admin so they can issue a warn / ban etc Someone is bullying another player. What do you do?: Go to a secluded area and talk to the person that has rised the admin ticket, once you get his story on what
  7. Feels bad man, 1 weeks since i posted and i was the last one to post on my topic
  8. Any new faces wishing to show there support towards me getting trail mod, please put your comment below......................
  9. Any new faces wishing to show there support towards me getting pac, please put your comment below......................
  10. Thanks everyone for the feedback and support so far. Ive added a few pac's that i have done above.
  11. Cant seem to get the RG player model so have had to use the SG player model. Im still learning on Pac but here is another
  12. My Pac is trash, Its really hard trying to find ideas to do with RG.
  13. Thank for the support so far from everyone that has comment, your feedback means alot and i hope you are all having a great christmas. Updated playtime :. 2w 0d 9h 51m
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