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  1. I'll be 100% honest as I believe my dealing with Lucas over the past few months give me some form of a objective POV. I do believe that Lucas, although younger than most, would be a good moderator. Lucas has shown good maturity for his age and generally does veer to an objective stand point as opposed to a subjective one which suits a good moderators frame of mind. For those who know me (I am Vulcan/Faramir) I have given Lucas quite a bit of shit over these past few months and believe and hope that this has improved his tolerance to the amount of shit one can receive in a staff position and
  2. There is already a rather good looking Anaxes being made at the moment, hopefully issues are fixed with it. ISD is currently being added to and "improved" by Trilobyte I do agree that SW Universe could use some revamping, I played that map 4-5 years ago, its still the same. I would recommend revamping our current rotation maps as they are more likely to be added into rotation than brand new ones. So probably revamp the SW Universe map.
  3. If it is to replace anything then hopefully Naboo
  4. So there is a TIE and a Lambda, What we meant to be lookin' at here?
  5. Until you give it the ability to fly, I am not impressed
  6. Naryas

    Dragon Egg Defeat

    All of Imperial Guard and Gallius Rax were the first people to defeat the Ender Dragon Egg on the Imperial Gaming Minecraft server, there is nothing sad about this, for the Emperor. Congratulations on Stryker for finding the egg, also congratulations to those that participated in the hunt. Dragon Egg.mp4
  7. So some of you may know me as Naryas from previous servers, but those who don't, I go by the name Vulcan on the server, currently I am Boba Fett. Simply been here for a few months now, enjoying my time, plan to stay a while longer. Thought I should finally sign up to the forums and introduce myself a bit.
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