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  1. Learn how to center shit @Guskywalker smh this guy amirite @Stryker
  2. I also 100% agree with this, I myself can admit I have done the, you shot me, i kill you thing, something needs to be done. Could be making sure that there is always a saber or giving the choice to go the 82nd ST detachment Whatever is chosen something must be actually done.
  3. Builder is just a no from me because it means Management need to have the decision factor as part of the job and that adds too much to their plate, also too expensive, unsure what pricing it should be because not balanced enough at the moment. Skins seem fine by me, excluding what Joel mentioned. Weapon pack, remove the health, the rework just happened and seems a bit OP. Also remove binocs, already got 2 ways to acquire them, through CL3 and buying in the armoury. Booster pack looks good.
  4. It deserves to be in community issues because this is a major issue within the community.
  5. Multiple spots on Anaxes are able to be got out of, i can think of 3 more than this one, if staff want clarification on those locations, message me.
  6. There is already a rather good looking Anaxes being made at the moment, hopefully issues are fixed with it. ISD is currently being added to and "improved" by Trilobyte I do agree that SW Universe could use some revamping, I played that map 4-5 years ago, its still the same. I would recommend revamping our current rotation maps as they are more likely to be added into rotation than brand new ones. So probably revamp the SW Universe map.
  7. If it is to replace anything then hopefully Naboo
  8. So there is a TIE and a Lambda, What we meant to be lookin' at here?
  9. Naryas

    Dragon Egg Defeat

    All of Imperial Guard and Gallius Rax were the first people to defeat the Ender Dragon Egg on the Imperial Gaming Minecraft server, there is nothing sad about this, for the Emperor. Congratulations on Stryker for finding the egg, also congratulations to those that participated in the hunt. Dragon Egg.mp4
  10. So some of you may know me as Naryas from previous servers, but those who don't, I go by the name Vulcan on the server, currently I am Boba Fett. Simply been here for a few months now, enjoying my time, plan to stay a while longer. Thought I should finally sign up to the forums and introduce myself a bit.
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