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    So Hi I guess

    i am better dueler
  2. Fish

    Am back

    well as the title says, i am back I am back after a while and am ready to play again idk what else too write but i hope too see you all in-game and hopefully i will be able to catch up on what i have missed out
  3. Dear IG Community, I never thought i would be making this now, but it is here. My farewell. The reason i am making this is because i have grown bored of SWRP and want to move on. Special people: These are the special people i have met along the way of me playing on IG @zaspan - Zaspan was my first commander i joined his reg (RST) around October last year. Ever since then he has grown from 2lt of RST to very high ranking sith. Here is a google doc i made just for u (https://docs.google.com/document/d/1bnrNYXis1MgqUPaHyXz_PLdvQ_JPSXEnjHQnBJ6cZEU/edit?usp=sharing) @Rickle -
  4. Cya W I N G C O M M A N D E R <3
  5. Don’t be wastin my iPhone 5 b a t t e r y
  6. Hi my in-game name is Poseidon but my other name is fish (pls don’t call me fish IC)and currently I am the shadow guard commander also a Moderator for this server. You will see me around the sith temple and around third floor. But because of my studies and the fact that we are moving houses I cannot be as active. With school ending for me in 2 weeks expect me to be on the server a lot more.
  7. NEUTRAL The reason as to why I give this idea a neutral instead of a +1/-1 is because this would be a pain for event masters to set up. Event masters would need to set it up for each event character and take it off after the event is finished. Also if people leave mid way through an event withought notifying a staff member to reset the card then there will be a slow build up of people having different cards.
  8. Fish


    Jimka knows how to do it ask him if you need help
  9. Best of luck to you in the future Peter hopefully we will see you again <3
  10. -1 I agree with Twinkie this app has minor detail and I don’t know you very well
  11. Fish

    A Swift TMod App

    Left me and shadow guard ;-; i cri ❤️ +1 Swift's time in shadow guard has proven to me that he is one of the most competent people i have ever trained. He is very flexible and follows instructions without a second thought.
  12. He is a great person and from what I think the events are detailed and seem enjoyable for everyone +1
  13. Fish

    Ban appeal Quoth

    It should be obvious that stormtroopers aren’t allowed to fly that’s a pilots job. Pilots fly troopers shoot
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