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Everything posted by Pavonis

  1. Pavonis

    Take me to your Xbox to play Star Wars RP

    Some nice officers shenanigans
  2. Pavonis

    Kahn's ARC Application

    -1 A minge +1 Has experience
  3. Pavonis

    Mess Hall Duties

  4. Pavonis

    Everyone is gone

    Big oooooof
  5. Pavonis

    Parcy's EM Application

  6. Pavonis


    Ahh that bad boii rickle will never learn.......
  7. Pavonis

    IK Foot

    Don't really see a need for this, You can always use PAC instead of this
  8. Pavonis

    Recommended Regiments?

    Come to pilots, instead of climp sweps we use cool boy ships
  9. Pavonis

    Holidays, Birthdays and Thanks.

    Happy 17th in advance bud
  10. Pavonis

    Remus's Event Master Application

    -1 -Application seems rushed -No detail in the events or in the application as a whole You can do better bud, Thanks, Pav
  11. Pavonis

    Merry Christmas Imperial Gaming!

  12. Pavonis


    Rest in peace rebels
  13. Pavonis

    Imperial Gaming | Christmas Special

    Emperor is mean
  14. Pavonis

    End of an Era...

  15. Pavonis

    Another Happy Landing

  16. Pavonis

    Another Happy Landing

    Looks like a ISC Landing......
  17. Pavonis


    When he banned me from ts for 1 second
  18. Pavonis

    im here

    Hey There
  19. Pavonis

    Cealus's Pac3 Tier 1 Application

    Hence I said "leading towards a +1", Also will be looking out for him.
  20. Pavonis

    Cealus's Pac3 Tier 1 Application

    Neutral - PAC are decent - But no clue who you are ( Neutral is moreover leading to a +1 )
  21. Pavonis

    Vaccine System

    +1 Would be a great addition