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  1. wow they let rebels in and they don't let me in
  2. Sad, Need to replace captain again
  3. HAHAA, Good old times
  4. Pavonis

    Pin Quest-Lines

    +1, Would be really helpful
  5. oh no man. I am gonna miss you tinky
  6. *explodes camera on my face* Yup that’s kris’s event
  7. Finally I can play on this game mode again after the shut down of original santosrp
  8. Looks like we are back in same reg
  9. It's sad to see you retire whitey, but it's also a very proud moment. What you have done for this community is incredible and your dedication is really something to admire. I was very fortunate to be able to learn and work with you. Thank you for your contribution. Regards, Pav
  10. Ahh that bad boii rickle will never learn.......
  11. Don't really see a need for this, You can always use PAC instead of this
  12. Come to pilots, instead of climp sweps we use cool boy ships
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