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  1. Steam Name: Marlin SteamID32: STEAM_1:0:3455862 Steam Profile Link: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197967177452 In Game Name: Marlin Time Played Imperial RP: 3 Weeks 3 Days 11 Hours Time Played Imperial RP Evidence Have you had any warns (If so state them)? I've had 2 but when i talked to the Staff at the time they we're removed for being false warns ( back in 2018) since rejoining the Server I haven't had any Have you had any bans (If so state them)? No I've never been banned from the Server Have you been sta
  2. I can say running events where i take the co of Navy as a hostage or Mandor as he is a fairly high rank it has always ended in a firefight and with what @Stevo. said there are no admiral to take hostage and all IHC staff are either with all of the troopers what is next to impossible to caputre or afk and we just don't take afk players to be hostages but it would be a good idea implementing some sort of consequence if thats Demotions or extra training to keep players in check but I wanna see how this goes and what comes out of it
  3. -1 You say you know what you did wrong but in the explain what happened section you say this " not 100% sure on what I was banned for something on the lines of minging. (THIS WAS MONTHS AGO SO IDK)" So in my eyes you shouldn't be unbanned and since you were already given the chance to rectify the situation when you were first unbanned you still went out and did something else to get you reperma banned
  4. +1 This could Benefit the IG Community and I can vouch for Martibo he's a great boi and helps his Developers
  5. ++++1 Active Loyal Mature When i was with him in RG he was smart even when under pressure he stayed calm can talk in a equal and effective manner and talk down a mad,misunderstood whatever 100% deserves T-Mod
  6. -1 From what i can read it seems you made your app quickly and didn't add to much detail what could help things. You could edit and show what your roles on these other servers showing people you have the experince of being a EM. I think if you just took a little bit of time to add a few things in your app then people would +1, adding i would be happy to change my -1 to Netural or +1 if more Info is added as I know your mature but the effort still needs to be there.
  7. Steam Name: {IG} Marlin Steam 64ID: 76561198306138530 In game name and rank: Senior Operative Marlin How old are you?: 18 Time Played: 5 Weeks 5 Days and 4 Hours Do you have a microphone?: Yes Why are you applying for this position?: I'm applying for this position as I want to help the community in anyway I can. if anyone has any problems in game or with the TS I can try to help them to the best of my abilitys and I personally think any Member/Player has a right to seek assistance if needed as everyone should get to enjoy what our server has to provide and all o
  8. A Huge +1 Great Guy, Always on, a very good Roleplayer, Mature, Respectful, Responsible,
  9. +1 Active Good Bloke Can handle Pressure Stern but can also speak to someone on a level basis Trust Worthy
  10. +1 Good Guy Active Good Leader Just look at your Scenarios my guy they are pretty short but I think in a actual case of Mass RDM or like Staff abuse you would take the proper steps that would need to be taken
  11. +1 Active Decent Pac3 Never Minges and I think wouldn't abuse Pac3
  12. +1 Even in 1 week of playtime I know u more then some people who have been here for weeks Nice Well mannered Active Good Application Patient
  13. o7 We will remember when it was once Crim Safe
  14. Marlin

    ISB Changes

    Well i hope everything goes well, good luck
  15. @Imposing All players are welcome @Mauler This should be up and running soon ik us 4 (Veybur, Carnifex, Wolf and I) really like the idea of this just need to give it some time and idk how there was a double post tbh i want one deleted lol
  16. G'day bois so Wolf, Veybur, Carnifex and i are looking to set up a Six Siege tournment more info will be coming soon everyone is to make there own 5 man teams so everyone do some networking Everyone drop ideas everything is welcome Wolf will be adding something to the website Everyone keep updated
  17. +1 they all look nice and could help with rp
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