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  1. This was very unexpected... Good luck in ur future and I do hope to see you around big man.
  2. Splonter


    @Pendragon @Bailey We wouldn't have let either of you in anyway...
  3. Splonter

    The Blood God

    This is living evidence that a few Deployable Turrets don't cause lag...
  4. Sorry but we are 2 different communities completely... A transfer probably wouldn't be possible.
  5. You are given double the speed of a normal player (really fast) as well as a special Massiff swep that allows you to bite people dealing around 50-70dmg per bite. Currently with the 4 slots they start off free although they may become donation later down the line, To become a Massiff you must first be a Hound Trooper.
  6. Military Police The Military Police was the law enforcement arm of the Galactic Republic's Military during the Clone Wars. It could be authorized by the Galactic Senate to take over an investigation if clone troopers and/or other military personnel were involved. Military Police Troopers The Military Police Troopers are the backbone of all internal operations that deal with all internal matters & security issues regarding troopers, officers & naval soldiers that become defective, treasonous, commit war crimes, attempt to smuggle contraband or that commit crimes against t
  7. The fact that you pretend you know nothing of this even though this is incident happened directly after you were banned and an alt came on spamming this, As well as it being by your clan or team "minge.team" you would've been evidently aware of this being done at the time, Own up to your actions and apologise instead of attempting to hide everything you've done in the past and pretend you haven't hurt people.
  8. Sorry it's just unnecessary space to take up as well as another addon to the already huge list.
  9. Thanks. Lots of flashbacks from this video though
  10. Not to mention that you have been incredibly racist in the past and still are:
  11. I would also like to point you you posting this video less then a month ago: Honestly you have not changed 1 bit. As well as this:
  12. Huge -1, What you've done in the past is disguisting and multiple being federal offences that can land you a fat fine or in prison. You've doxxed a good friend of mine heavily, During EG you were banned you came on in an alt and spammed in comms this persons real name, As well as a link to a document which revealed their family names, where he lives, his school, photos of him & family as well as phone numbers all whilst there was 80+ people on the server, I shall not reveal this person unless asked directly due to privacy reasons but for you to have the heart to do this is hone
  13. You can get a way around this, Just hold out climbswep & hold right click so you grapple on the platform when you phase through.
  14. Very nice, I smell Media Team potential...
  15. RP Name: Splonter Regiment: Shock Rank: Captain Steam Profile Link: https://steamcommunity.com/id/Splonterino/ Can you afford the buy in?: Yes Do you meet the requirements listed: Yes
  16. Splonter


    There is no record nor anything of Massiffs being phased out after the Clone Wars and as stated previously the server is going by its own lore at times. (This isn't life changing lore like being able to hyperspace ships through others) Aswell as this it may not be used on the ISD but it may well be used in multiple other events and can also be used on Ilum.
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