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  1. Would be a cool idea, To prevent is completely taking the jobs away from medics maybe make it so it costs credits to heal yourself?
  2. gOOd jOB juLIuS1!1!11!!!!! @Julius <3
  3. Not for the faint hearted... @funyguy1 @taki
  4. Originally I was called "Splinter" although way back when I tried out for Storm Commandos and made it in @Sentry told me to change my name to "Splonter" misspelling my name, and I just decided to stick with it ever since
  5. -1, After personal interaction with you, I don't believe you'd be able to maintain the professionalism, maturity or mindset that a moderator would be required to have to deal with situations.
  6. @GeorgeBloon Happy Birthday George, lots of love xoxo may you live long and provide many more stims!
  7. I have to agree with Bailey here, I also do not believe your current activity levels are to the standard of what an Event Master requires at this current point in time.
  8. +1, Also would help with events to prevent ECs with 1000+ HP jumping off MH1 railings to out run us.
  9. Hello, I sincerely hope you’ve managed to get that spit out of your helmet by now. Cya around Luna
  10. +1, Julius is a cool dude who would make a good Event Master!
  11. -1, You’ve applied for a staff position on another server which doesn’t show your dedication.
  12. He did it before, he can do it again. +1
  13. Splonter


    Oh and here is another one I found, its by the same guy.
  14. Splonter


    I'm hyped for Clone Wars Season 7, can't wait!
  15. I’m actually so sad it didn’t turn out to be PonyRP...
  16. Changing to a NEUTRAL leaning towards a +1, Just work on the points that we've discussed and i'll change to a full +1 in no time, Good luck Sterling!
  17. Pls remove Emperor laughing quest
  18. Some new Star Wars Fallen Order Gameplay was just released thought i’d share it with those who don’t regularly view YouTube. It has some clips the same as the first gameplay show but also has some new gameplay involved.
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