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  1. Honestly it would be cool to see these as F3 Point-shop items to further customise your characters.
  2. Why are all these ‘interesting facts’ so depressing
  3. Uh, I like Soccer & Tennis. I’m a bit of a history guy, I really enjoy learning about previous conflicts n stuff such as the Medieval Era & the World Wars, been studying them for around 4 years now and have been enjoying it. I don’t really have an idea of what I want to be when I get out of school although i’m investigating joining the Police Force or ADF as a Infantry Officer. Wouldn’t want to get into a fight with Bailey from the looks of it though.
  4. +1 It was a silly mistake made by Atlas and i believe he deserves a second chance, He has proven in the past to be a dedicated member to the server and I don’t believe he should be permanently banned for a mistake he has done, although the excuse of “I didn’t know” is a bit poor considering you should’ve read the rules. I believe you should be given a second chance to rejoin the community once again. Good luck Atlas!
  5. I already do that when logging onto the server, unfortunately sliding doors cannot be perma propped so every time I log onto the server I set up all the sliding doors on the garages, checkpoints etc. Hence why I also go afk at the end of the day to prevent all my dupes and sliding doors from despawning for other players enjoyment. At this current point in time I’m the only one that has been spawning in the sliding doors on checkpoints & garage, I’ll look into redesigning the garage as in my opinion its design isn’t the greatest in terms of the gates etc, I’ll attempt to if possible to
  6. Currently you can only fit a maximum of 1 LAAT at a time in the Garage, I’ll look into building a small landing pad somewhere in the military district.
  7. Notice for pilots as well please; Do not ask for ships & vehicles to be spawned on the Universe Tatooine planet outside of the Republic Military Garage, All vehicles should be spawned within the garage unless they are ships that are in the Space Ports or Jedi Temple.
  8. *In before everyone gets banned off the forums for mass downvoting*
  9. Do you have CSS and Half life 2 content?
  10. Glad to see the improvements made to my version! It's great to see the planet developing!
  11. I'd like to comment on how beautifully those dupes are built
  12. I’ll 1v1 you in climeswep.
  13. @Bailey Giving a pep talk to the rest of the EMs. jk <3
  14. Hey everyone, This is just a short little project I've been working on and wanted to show the community, Hope you all enjoy.
  15. I would say cya around but you also removed me off steam
  16. This is Imperial, Possible to do one for CW as well? Cheers
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