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  1. Yeah the boys, It was a pleasure playing and it was a really fun tournament playing with our counter parts and getting our team together most days for some practice sessions and CSGO comps, Overall a really nice experience!

    Heres some shoutouts:

    @Imposing @Welshy Thank you both for organising this competition all of us within the Hectic Ethnics appreciate it and thanks specifically Imposing for those tuff games against you.

    @Rickle Literally the actual captain of the team, You were a god send and we couldn’t have done it without you <3

    @Bailey Your motivational speeches in our final matches were crucial towards the moral of the team, you the best.

    @wflizzi F*** your chickens.

    @Vadrian You did aight in the games I guess. <3

    @Shepard Sorry you couldn’t make it to the finals but your effort and dedication towards the team throughout the comp as well as being there for training n stuff was crucial towards our progression.

    @Delta Thanks for subbing in last minute for one of our games sand man <3

    Hectic Ethnics are lookin forward to the next comp!

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  2. 6 minutes ago, Sully said:


    This is an interesting idea to say the least and posses some rather interesting movements that could have some good RP usage within the server. However, In terms of it being implemented into the server I do not see it happening due to the following reasons;

    1. No such addon exists within GMOD and would require the development team to put hours of work in to even attempt to recreate this, this is time that could better be used for further server optimisation and other touch ups.
    2. This addon would most likely increase peoples issues with low frame rates, something none of us really want especially with them already not being the greatest during events when slideshow mode is activated.
    3. This would create more opportunities for ClimbSWEP abuse and general mingy behaviour.




    I would not like climbswep changed thanks

  3. So you want to remove the current ones because they’ve been too dedicated to the regiment???

    I’m sorry it just doesn’t make sense to me why you’d remove someone from the reg when there is no issue with them currently with the only reason to make room for new people.

  4. What I’d believe what work is generally add a 10 second timer before you can respawn, But add a minute max until it force res pawns you. So once 10 seconds has elapsed since your death you have an option/button that states “Give up” letting you respawn or you can wait for a medic, once it hits 60 seconds you bleed out/die so it force respawn you. As well as putting a timer on top of your screen to show how much longer you have left till force respawn and/or till you can respawn/give up manually.

  5. I remember when one of my first memories early 2017 when myself and a IRL mate joined the server to play, We ended up joining RST funnily enough my tryout was also the tryout @zaspan was in to join RST in which he then stayed within RST forever. After myself and my friend getting into RST the CO went inactive and so @Demonic was pulled in as the CO it took me 2 weeks to reach PFC but I was proud when I had achieved it. Although one day myself and my friend along with another RST decided to tryout for Shadow Guard but none of us made it in... The next day my good pal @Demonic dragged us in a meeting with him stating “I am absolutely fuming” which I found funny so I replied with “Like in RP or OOC?” Because I was genuinely confused if he was actually mad IRL for us trying out, Anyway he ended up kicking us both for trying out but kept the other RST in due to him being useful in recording everything we did wrong at the time. Being the stubborn person myself was I went to Darth Revan whom was Moose at the time who then re-enlisted us into the regiment although Demonic didn’t like it Moose pretty much said to Demonic “This is my regiment” and those are some of my earliest memories on the server, I don’t know if Demonic still remembers it but I look back upon the days and actually smile and find it funny as it was such a large place back then and the feeling of exploring and trying out new things was exihillerating.

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  6. 17 minutes ago, Julius said:

    Hello Starkey,

    First of all thank you for Applying for the Event Master Team. 

    Unfortunately I will be leaving a -1 on this application for the following reasons. 

    ^George says alot ^

    • Event Ideas show promise but the level of detail and quality of writing is not as good as it could be. 
    • Your application is lacking a lot of detail and definitely needs improvement. 
    • Had neutral interactions with you on the server.
    • Seem to be active in regards to your playtime and have seen you on the server rather often. 

    Also thank you again for applying and I hope you take these things in consideration as constructive criticism and not hate. These are all things that can be worked on. 


    Regards, Julius


  7. 7 minutes ago, SCHEFF said:

    I would love it if the droid was a spoof of a player and sent out actual comms messages to engineers to come and fix it when breaks down or to all personnel when it's spawned or despawned. Example:

    "(COMMS) Healing Droid: [ALL] Hello! Healing Droid #### reporting for duty!" *used when the droid spawns

    "(COMMS) Healing Droid: [ENG] Alert! I require assistance! I am located at [insert location here]!" *the droid could travel to set nodes around the ship which it can use to plot its location when it sends out a comms.

    "(COMMS) Healing Droid: [ALL] Alert! I am returning to my terminal to recharge my battery; I will no longer be available." *used when activating Event Mode or going off-ship.

    Don't know how hard this would be to code, but I assume it could work similarly to the blue descriptive text that staff put into chatbox in events or the !it command; but I think it could definitely make the droid feel more "alive" than a regular NPC.

    Would also give a use for the droid charging station outside government

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  8. 27 minutes ago, Billybob1061 said:

    That could make is better, maybe have an option to be healed quicker with credits being spent on the droid

    Yeah that would be really cool so you start with a default droid then have the option to slowly upgrade the droid to make it more efficient and faster at its job, like upgrades for its speed, hit points and healing power.

  9. 50 minutes ago, Billybob1061 said:

    Don't let them heal ec's and it would help relieve medics of their  jobs, maybe make it cost a couple credits per x amount healed. And also maybe let them be purchased from the point shop or earned from the skill point shop

    Maybe 1 credit for 1 HP for troopers and 1 credit for 5 HP for sith? That way its balanced

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