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  1. Imperial | Regimental Competition Greetings all, Along with IHC, Rancor Battalion shall be the hosts of the upcoming Regimental Competition. The Regimental Competition shall be split off into different phases hosting a variety of different objects & courses to accomplish with the rankings being based off points. Whichever regiment accumulates the highest amount of points at the end of the competition shall be named this months Regimental Champions (At this point in time, It is unknown if this shall become a monthly competition it will rely upon the success & the
  2. Hey, I know you! Wern’t you that guy that narrated the IG Christmas Special?!?!?!
  3. I hope to still see you around Whitey, Its sad to see you depart from your community manager role as you’ve contributed so much to this community and it is a debt that can never be repaid. I thank you for all you’ve done for not only the community but myself personally you’ve had a great impact on myself as a person and my personal development. As such I want to create a video of the memories that I’ve had with you, I hope to release it soon.
  4. You’ll get your donator tag, you won’t get Dengar back as part of the TOS (Terms of Service) is that you’ll be removed from the role if you go inactive.
  5. I know you definately wouldn't... Although definitely I would never.
  6. Thought it was funny, Decided to share it with others. Those with PAC will understand this haha.
  7. Splonter

    Poker is Great

    Update: I’ve already lost most of it...
  8. Splonter

    Poker is Great

    This poker game nearly made my heart stop, It was also very rare to see Fliqqs appear to play.
  9. @Billybob1061 @TomCos @Wind @Chimp
  10. o7, I hope to still see you on Thy Kingdom of IG
  11. I recommend Proton VPN, I get 70ping and its 100% free forever.
  12. @Bailey @HappyIf you are serious about joining, hit myself or Billybob up.
  13. I'd like to formally apologise to anyone that I have hurt and/or inflicted a bad image or hindered their experience within the community over the past couple weeks, After reflecting I have understood that my actions and attitude within the past couple of weeks have been less then satisfactory and due to this i'd like to formally apologise to each individual that I have effected, I'll be attempting to get in contact with any of those that I have believe to effected and anyone that does not receive a message and was personally hurt by my attitude or actions please contact me. Over the past month
  14. Yeah its been a fun ride, I'll be in TS every now and again and in game. Hope you all enjoyed my events, videos n stuff that i've done for the community. Cya all. By the way, If you want my 8400 chips on Clone Wars and my 5000+ Chips on Imperial just hit me up, Might do a giveaway. EDIT: I just realised i'm leaving at my 400th post, How poetic
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