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  1. I would not like climbswep changed thanks
  2. +1 this man has helped me to learn lua and he was previously within the dev team which means he has already proven himself.
  3. Wow that was quick, @Bailey or someone else could this post please be locked
  4. I feel this would be an amazing add on to add to the server, It would not only add a lot more immersion but allows more flexibility when it comes to the event masters and what tools are available to them. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1868459587 @Vanilla
  5. So you want to remove the current ones because they’ve been too dedicated to the regiment??? I’m sorry it just doesn’t make sense to me why you’d remove someone from the reg when there is no issue with them currently with the only reason to make room for new people.
  6. You are a top lad, hope to still play games cya around Julius
  7. What I’d believe what work is generally add a 10 second timer before you can respawn, But add a minute max until it force res pawns you. So once 10 seconds has elapsed since your death you have an option/button that states “Give up” letting you respawn or you can wait for a medic, once it hits 60 seconds you bleed out/die so it force respawn you. As well as putting a timer on top of your screen to show how much longer you have left till force respawn and/or till you can respawn/give up manually.
  8. Massive +1 for George, He would make a magnificent Event Master!
  9. -1 Due to previous experiences and witnessing events in the past, due to this I do not believe you’d make an adequate or have the appropriate qualities that are ideal to be a moderator.
  10. I remember when one of my first memories early 2017 when myself and a IRL mate joined the server to play, We ended up joining RST funnily enough my tryout was also the tryout @zaspan was in to join RST in which he then stayed within RST forever. After myself and my friend getting into RST the CO went inactive and so @Demonic was pulled in as the CO it took me 2 weeks to reach PFC but I was proud when I had achieved it. Although one day myself and my friend along with another RST decided to tryout for Shadow Guard but none of us made it in... The next day my good pal @Demonic dragged us in a me
  11. I really like your idea of giving members of the community the opportunity to play as a major character in events, Very nice to see!
  12. Shepard you are a great guy and have been a great friend to hang around, its sad to see you go and I hope you’ll visit every now and again but until then I wish you luck in where your future takes you.
  13. omg this gave me PTSD haha the flashbacks to when we had the OG Rancor vs SCAR on Rishi Moon the good old days, This almost made me shed a tear of the golden age ;(
  14. Rickle you are a great friend and great person to hang out with, I hope we’ll still hang out sometimes along with Fizzy like the good ol’ days and I wish you luck in whatever and where ever you may go, We’ll miss you on hope you visit every now and again!
  15. So after prestiging twice and putting in countless hours to complete the quests and get the rewards it gets reset again? Just seems a bit unfair to me to those whom spent countless of hours grinding to complete the already hard quests.
  16. https://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/?id=1841418570 Download this new content that was added, if this doesn't work contact me on TS and I'll try assist you the best I can or seek the support team.
  17. Would also give a use for the droid charging station outside government
  18. Yeah that would be really cool so you start with a default droid then have the option to slowly upgrade the droid to make it more efficient and faster at its job, like upgrades for its speed, hit points and healing power.
  19. Maybe 1 credit for 1 HP for troopers and 1 credit for 5 HP for sith? That way its balanced
  20. Would be cool to have it as a F3 pointshop or F8 quest item as well
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