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  1. +1

    - Ban was from a very long time ago (2 Years)

    - Shows remorse for his actions

    - Deserves a 2nd chance 

    - Lacking detail, But I guess there isn't much to add considering the ban was from 2 years ago.

  2. 43 minutes ago, Proven said:

    Thank you for the feedback, Splonter.

    Could you elaborate on my encouraging you to "kill yourself"?
    I don't recall ever saying that to you, nor would I ever wish self-harm upon another person. 

    I'm unsure of the specifics, But from what I can gather from memory a while ago via steam you had told me to seek 'cyanide' or something along those lines. Regarding myself blocking you, This is due to myself previously as you were unbanned attempting to make amends with after your comment on myself that was the final time in which I would want to talk or make amends with you as you had proven you had no other intentions other then to continuously wish harm on me, I did not want to interact or speak to you after the comment that lead to your ban as it was obvious the only reason you had attempted to do so was because you were not remorseful for the comment on me, but you were remorseful because you got banned because of your actions.

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  3. -1
    This is the 2nd time you've been community ban and your 3rd ban appeal in total.  It goes without saying "Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me" I indeed believe in 2nd chances but you've blown that. You've personally done a lot to hurt me in the past, often targeting me and blatantly telling me to kill myself at some point. I would not want you back in the community again nor do I believe you've served enough time to think about your actions and the impact they have on others. You've proved you aren't capable of reform at this current time given that you were already handed a 2nd chance after your 1st community ban then blowing that with the statement above, I believe you need to have a more extended period of time to properly reflect on your actions.

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  4. 50 minutes ago, Bailey said:


    You seem like a decent bloke in our messages and a decejnt developer from what I've seen via the SWRP Dev Discord and from your workshop page. Obviously the second part doesn't really come into effect anyway. As Stryker said, everyone is a work in progress and no one is perfect, I've done stupid things as well in the past and asked for forgiveness and its been given to me.

    So, in essence, I think you deserve a chance, you have obviously improved as a person and genuinely want to return to the community.

    Good luck with your appeal.

    - Bailey


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  5. 37 minutes ago, Bailey said:


    So, as I put on Frosty's appeal, you obviously want to come back to the community even though what you did was foolish and childish at the time. During the time in which you were drifting away from the community, you (alongside some others) consistently downvoted my posts (and others' posts) on the forums. This is forgivable but needs to be hammered into the community past, present and future not to do because it skews actual responses and is in of itself a toxic response that isn't needed on the forums or in the community in general.

    I hope when you come back its for the right reasons and the reasons for your bans don't occur again, otherwise there is no other solution but to keep you banned.

    Good luck with your appeal.

    - Bailey


  6. Easy +1

    Roys has been a great member of ISC, And has definitely shown a passion for graphic design. He often has been messaging me asking for feedback on his artwork, how to improve and is often asking for new ideas for him to expand on his knowledge. I could easily see Roys being a great asset to the graphic design team and I also think it would be a great opportunity for him to learn more about designing as it is clear he clearly has a great passion for creating and designing new pieces of work.

    Good luck Roys!

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  7. Solid -1.

    I simply don't trust you at all to contribute positively to the community based on everything you've done in the past. You've alted multiple times, doxxed my friends to the extent of releasing their personal information and photos then lying about it, You've hacked on multiple servers and even uploaded videos of you doing it with your mates, I even remember the last time you alted on IG last year you started making fun of how @Wolf's dog died in the chatbox as well as continued to make alt accounts on the forums which is evidently why you are now called 'V5.' To put it simply, you have shown again and again in the past that your actions are incredibly malicious and that you intend harm on members of the community and I simply cannot believe you have changed as you always resort to your normal self to be toxic, malicious and down right act disgusting towards other human beings. To be completely honest, I've lost account of how many times you've alted on IG, And I do not believe you are being fully truthful to the extent of your actions in the past on your ban appeal. Everything listed here isn't even all that i've witnessed you you do to others in the past and to be frank, its disgusting and I for one would never want to see you return to IG again based on your previous actions that you are clearly passed redemption. Now I could easily paste evidence of multiple of these incidents if you choose to deny any of this, So I'd ask you to take a good long think of your past and actually come to terms of the damage caused on multiple people.

    I do not want you to return to this community anytime soon, You are not only a danger to others but a danger to the community itself.

    On top of this, this is your 4th ban appeal.

    There are evidence of your actions linked within those ban appeals for those interested.

    Also. Yes @BenV5 you are community banned.

  8. On 4/10/2020 at 7:36 PM, Stathi said:

     -1 - If I am to be completely honest with you Burton I think you have have been given way too many 2nd Chances. Even whilst your time on the server I would see you racking up a warn every 3 - 4 days for either NITRP or FailRP. Since you are banned at the moment I am unable to check your total warn count. Though currently I am sitting on a -1. However, if you show genuine remorse or take action to right your wrongs my stand point may change into a +1. If Luigi deems necessary for you to be unbanned I would feel a 4 month probation period would be required.


  9. 1 hour ago, Chimp said:

    That Pilot needs to be demoted!!

    Rigged game


    1 hour ago, JDark47 said:

    The pilot that was responsible for chimps deaths on multiple occasions better be getting demoted.

    I’m sorry guys, Had to go on a maccas run before picking you all up.

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