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  1. Could've sworn I gave this a positive support before. easy +1
  2. Hello all, With the new title release of Total War being Total War: Troy they've released a special deal upon the first 24 hours of its release, that being it'll be completely free to get forever. This deal is only available on the Epic Games store and you can only claim it within the first 24 hours of release after which it'll be $60-$70 for purchase. If you wanted this game on steam you'll have to wait 1 year for it to be put on that unfortunately. The release of the game will be tomorrow the 14th of August, So make sure you get it then! https://www.epicgames.com/store/en-US/produ
  3. If I remember correctly, you were in fact banned from appealing again. I'm unsure if you've made an arrangement with management to make another ban appeal since then. Can I get @Wingza's confirmation if he is in fact allowed to appeal again? @zaspan
  4. +1, Prophet would make a good event master.
  5. @Rook Sev has unfortunately departed the server, as such his application can be closed.
  6. -1 I'm sorry, But someone who mass rdms when they get sick of the server is a very big red flag for me. If in the case you get Event Master and you end up getting sick of the server again what are the chances you'll do something worse with the powers you've been given? Its just not a chance i'm willing to take at this moment in time unless you can show and prove to me you are a changed individual since then. As such due to this I currently am not comfortable with you being within a staff position at this given time. Regardless, good luck Wardog.
  7. +1, Storm is a hard working individual who has often put others before himself. I can clearly see Storm putting effort into his events and making the enjoyment of the population his priority in events whilst making the events themselves logical. Good luck Storm!
  8. +1, Has good moderator traits & values. Would fit perfectly. Good luck Pro!
  9. +1, Seems genuine and listens to reason from the sits I've been in him with. I'm a strong believer in second chances and see no reason why this man shouldn't receive another chance as others have been in the past.
  10. You forgot shimmying But to get your curser all you gotta do is enable third person then click on the crosshairs tab thing
  11. Neutral learning to -1 Based on my interactions with you have not been positive, Often you've been incredibly rude and your attitude has been very distasteful. After recent events of you calling your commander a 'gay fag' as well as telling me to 'grow a pair' when telling you player disrespect is unacceptable due to this I've come to the conclusion that when working with someone you do not like or disagree with you'll resort to your emotions rather then being professional. At this current time I believe you are unfit to be near a staff position as you currently do not have the best inter
  12. +1, Roys has been an invaluable member to ISC always willing to help out, suggest new ideas and improve ISC to the best of his abilities. I have no doubt that his keen attitude, improvisation and leaderships skills would also be a great asset to the event team as well. Without hesitation I believe that Roys would make an excellent Event Master given the time I've spent with him within ISC I have the utmost confidence that Roys ticks most if not all boxes that is required to become an Event Master. Good luck Roys!
  13. @Guskywalker I'll help fund hmu
  14. Splonter

    HOI4 moments

    Switzerland is the strongest faction, hands down.
  15. I’m sorry but for that comment in itself I’ll have to -1 this application, Not letting your feelings get in the way of staffing is imperative to maintaining a non-bias agenda. Nevertheless good luck Clover
  16. Easy +1, Throne deserves PAC!
  17. +1 - Sufficient detail - Ban was from a long time ago - Appears to have reformed - Deserves a second chance
  18. +1 - Friendly - Helpful - Mature - Dedicated - Is a hard working individual who always tries to better himself and others both in his regiment and outside of it. - Semi-Active - Sufficient detail, Some questions could be expanded upon a bit more. Good luck Knifty!
  19. Easy +1, Vadrian is a great guy and would do great in this position.
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