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  1. 17 hours ago, LePaul said:

    Neutral. As the asoromech* droid you are incredibly mingey. You abuse your taser/shocker and abused your jetpack. You constantly make beeping noises in PTS areas. Droids understand silence, but you do not. Your reasons for why you want it are also generic. What are some unique things you want to add to the models?

    Thanks for your response, I'd just like to clarify some things I'm a bit confused about. Firstly as the Astromech droid you said I could sometimes be incredibly mingey, I'm a bit confused as I always try to role-playing and enhance the experience for others so I'm a bit confused maybe provide some examples? Onto the second part you said I abuse my stun stick a lot which I'm also quite confused with as the only time I ever use it is when someone is jumping on top of me or attempting to I stun stick them off, Or it is used to scare people away from MHC by pulling it out. Next you said I constantly use my droid sounds like spamming it, I understand if you dislike me using it a lot but it's really the only way I can communicate or get people's attention and I talked to you in game about the breaking PTS bit which you got from the previous CMDR's meeting which I was trying to talk to my owner "Roosting" and it was before the meeting started as I left shortly before it started. Onto the last you said some of my reasons for wanting it is generic, I thank you for that as I'm currently editing my application and putting in more reasons of how I can use it. 


    Thank you again for your response :)

  2. On 14/11/2017 at 10:27 AM, draKe said:


    Splinter, from what I have seen, is a kind guy, who isn't afraid of going out of his way to make the experience better for others.

    I would hang out more, but you seem to stay intent of reminding me of what happened. Don't tempt me. 


    Thanks for your response, I appreciate what you've said a lot and I do hope we can hang out more :)

  3. On 09/11/2017 at 12:34 PM, Hisoka said:


    I've seen you doing some stupid things around ship, but you also have built quite a reputation for yourself. I'll change my response once I see you RP a bit more.

    Alright thanks for your response, The private messages we had helped make me understand on what I need to improve on which I intend to do, Thank you again :)

  4. Hello all! Tonight there were a lot of Nova Troopers which the other MHC Members and I are very happy to see! :) So we decided to take a group photo of MHC Major General Cards and his troopers and some sneaky buggers that got into the photo, It was a very good night around them and I hope to continue seeing them prosper, Here are the photots!





  5. 28 minutes ago, pinejack said:

    Don't worry my dude, I am adding in EVERY regiment now. Before I only had Military regiments.....The process that I will be using is that I will place EVERY regiment on a spinner and spin it 9 times, each time writing down the name of the regiment and when they were drawn. I will do this 3 times then do a final spinner where there those 3 regiments will 'fight it out' for the game.

    Add R4-B to the wheel? :)

    I wish to enter.

  6. 4 hours ago, Rooster said:

    A massive +1 from me.

    This guy has increased the amount of rp i can do passively a crap ton, just because he is an astromech. He's been a very loyal droid to MHC and I fully support his PAC application. He enjoyed being an astromech so much he asked caboose for a perm class and he got it approved and donated as soon as he got the approval.

    I am looking forward to all the roleplay we can do together.


    Good luck

    Secretary Roostine.


    2 hours ago, Red said:


    • Very Good at rp
    • Trustworthy
    • Very Detailed application


    Thank you both for your kind feedback, I look forward to being your astromech droid Roostine and to help increase the roleplay a lot around the ship, I never knew how small roles could be so fun haha.


  7. 12 hours ago, Omoshiroii said:

    Huge +1 from me. I know Splinter (Faithful) from other communities and he's been nothing but dedicated to the server. Day in and day out he tells me to log on and play the server, he genuinely loves the server and I couldn't see him do anything to harm it using Pac3. He's linked me many videos about Pac3 asking "Is this a good one?". It sort of gets tedious aha, but, it shows his dedication to the server and trying to learn how to use Pac3.

    Apart from all of that, he's reliable, trustworthy and genuinely wants it just so he can improve his, and other peoples' roleplay experience.


    12 hours ago, Wolfie said:



    Extremely Detailed

    Decent Playtime

    Overall good guy and can 100% be trusted with PAC3



    12 hours ago, 2222-Twos said:

    I have know Splinter from GG from the start of the year and when i'm on he on everyday for hours even when i go off for 2-3 hours he still on


    Playtime is good

    Semi known

    Good guy 


    12 hours ago, pinejack said:

    This sums it up for me, +1


    11 hours ago, Puppy said:

    Heyyy, Thats pretty good +1


    11 hours ago, Towns said:

    Honestly, This sums it up for me +1

    Thank you all for your kind feedback! I appreciate it a lot :)

    Application Edit: I updated my current in-game name as I'm now a full time Astromech droid!

  8. What is your In-game name:

    SCAR Colonel Splonter


    Rancor Commander ARC-30 "Blitz/Splonter"

    Steam ID:


    Steam link:


    Play time:

    4 Weeks, 2 Days, 23 Hours.

    Have you used PAC Before:

    My Pac3 experience is limited to Single Player only, I have played with Pac3 every couple of times a week to practice to get the hang of it. I'm still watching videos online of how to use Pac3 as I do currently struggle with how it works but i'm open to learning how to use. Whilst not only can I learn from videos I can learn from the experienced people around me to help me understand Pac3 and how to use it efficiently.

    Why should you be trusted with PAC (1 Paragraph):

    I believe I should be trusted with Pac3 because of my dedication to the community, Willingness to help out in the community and openness to feedback and a lending hand, I feel I have been dedicated to the community for quite a while now being apart of the community fully for a couple of months I've learnt to trust people and make new friends whilst I also believe people have begun or do trust me whilst my dedication to the community has also shown with me contributing a donation to the server to help it continue running. Whenever anyone is in need of assistance or help whether it be with building, training, advice or just someone to talk to i'm always open to anyone that is in need of help. Whilst I understand the risks involved with Pac3 and how it can be abused , I believe i'm mature enough to be trusted for Pac3 and can excel at creating new and creative Pac3s not only for myself but for the community to assist in both their role play and my own role play. I also believe I should be trusted with Pac3 for my willingness to feedback taking on what someones constructive criticism and improving on it, Whilst i'm also not afraid to ask for assistance when I require it.      

    Why do you want PAC (1 Paragraph):

    I wish to have Pac3 because not only will it immensely advance my role play but it will also assist in others role play and immersion, Over my 1 week of playtime on the server I've seen many different Pac3s from different people, With each person being different with their creations, Whilst my knowledge is currently limited with Pac3 i'm still watching videos and expanding it as i'm eager to learn and make my own creations to advance my role play, Having Pac3 I will be able to shape my character and create a story/legacy for him, Whilst with my R4-B passive RP droid that I tend to use it I will be able to expand its role play by instead of me equipping weapons/equipment it will show a hand instead, Whilst giving my Rancor Battalion Commander "Blitz" a lot more character to him, As I can show his past battle by battle scars having a robot leg/arm or Having his guns mounted on his back ready to pull them at any moment, The possibilities are endless, Whilst not only indulging myself in the role play others around me will be immersed more by being able to role play with me and even effect me creating a new part to my legacy, I wish to have Pac3 because of the possibilities and the immersion making me feel more attached to the Star Wars universe. Whilst some of my previous PAC 3 ideas were for R4-B which were little jetpack cylinders, Extending droid arm, hologram projecter, Able to insert data pads etc, Whilst I'm currently working on more ideas for Shadow Guard such as previous fights to get into it such as a injury to the left arm causing arm to be replaced, damaged helmate/armour etc. Whilst some other ideas I've come up with is some non original ones such as the kneeling animation, hologram and edited arms/legs I've also come up with some ideas such as adding more characteristics such as edits to the armour and animations to intimidate others during role play.

    Why do you deserve PAC (1 Paragraph):
    I feel I deserve Pac3 because of my dedication, abilities to learn and creativity, Having being dedicated to this community for a while now shows my dedication to the community and my willingness to progress my character. I believe I have the ability to learn and progress with my character being able to adapt to new situation and bring new things into the picture to immerse everyone more and create new situation. Whilst I have many ideas to bring to the table for Pac3 which I wish to express if I achieve the rank, My creativity will be expressed to others to even help them create their own designs to immerse themselves, Whilst I also believe i'm mature and respectful enough to hold the position being able to uphold big tasks such as this in a respectful and mature manner not disrupting anyone but improving everyone role play. Whilst it will create more fun for myself and the community having more options for role play available to myself and others. 

  9. Hello, I'm Splinter or Splonter in game.

    I joined about a year ago but after a week I left and I recently started playing again about 1 month ago, I thought I'd make a introduction now because why not, A little bit about me is that I'm currently a SGT in Storm Commandos my past regiments are Royal Storm Troopers and Shock that's about it. I have around 2000 hours in G Mod because I have no life.

    I look forward to meeting you all in game or talking to you more if I have already met you :)

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