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  1. I'm on everyday for atleast 2 hours, Although I'm usually on more it has become quite difficult due to school, work and short commitments another reason why we don't see much of each other might be because we get on at different times? Thank you for your response though I'll try to free up some more time.
  2. Commander Cody, The time has come. Execute order 66. It will be done m'lord.
  3. I wish to be featured or be part of the cast please? :))))
  4. I don't really see this happening, I find white ribbon day very debatable but I'm not going to discuss my complaints about it, Although I don't really want to see a Event or much added to the server about it, I believe it should just be a normal day. But people can happily go on about it in OOC or even put up something about it around the ship.
  5. I thank you both for your responses
  6. I want to have a nice day with just myself and Palpatine.
  7. Splonter


    Baker!! Glad to see you here I miss the memes we had back on another server in Pilots with Oddball, I look forward to seeing you around the ship. - Faithful
  8. EDIT: Updated rank, Promoted to Shadow Guard Guardsman.
  9. +1 Solid bloke, Application is detailed and formatted nicely, I believe you would do well as a Event Master. Play more Battlefront 2 with me.
  10. EDIT: Updated: Current In Game Role - Switched to Shadow Guard Trainee Heimdall. Updated Playtime. Added: More ideas onto "Why do you want PAC 3?" section.
  11. Thanks for your response, I'd just like to clarify some things I'm a bit confused about. Firstly as the Astromech droid you said I could sometimes be incredibly mingey, I'm a bit confused as I always try to role-playing and enhance the experience for others so I'm a bit confused maybe provide some examples? Onto the second part you said I abuse my stun stick a lot which I'm also quite confused with as the only time I ever use it is when someone is jumping on top of me or attempting to I stun stick them off, Or it is used to scare people away from MHC by pulling it out. Next you said I constant
  12. Thanks for your response, I appreciate what you've said a lot and I do hope we can hang out more
  13. The medical droid and I?! Please no... Don't make me imagine that.
  14. Alright thanks for your response, The private messages we had helped make me understand on what I need to improve on which I intend to do, Thank you again
  15. Hello all! Tonight there were a lot of Nova Troopers which the other MHC Members and I are very happy to see! So we decided to take a group photo of MHC Major General Cards and his troopers and some sneaky buggers that got into the photo, It was a very good night around them and I hope to continue seeing them prosper, Here are the photots! rp_stardestroyer_ig_v10078.tga rp_stardestroyer_ig_v10073.tga rp_stardestroyer_ig_v10075.tga rp_stardestroyer_ig_v10076.tga
  16. This is the best thing I've ever seen a community do, I promise to donate ATLEAST 50$ to the foundation when it is open, If I've forgotten which I will make a effort not to someone hit me on the head about it so I can get to it. I hope as a community we raise enough
  17. UPDATE: I've managed to fix it, The wonderful magical Martibo had all the answers to my problem
  18. So uh I'm going to try make this short, I log onto G Mod everything is fine I log onto the server log in about 10 seconds later my game crashes saying "Lua Panic" "Not enough memory" and I have no clue how to fix this, Could someone help me please?
  19. I'm down for it! I just prepurchased it!
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