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  1. NEUTRAL Application isn't really detailed and the events seem short but I like the ideas. I also don't really know you that well in game I'd like to meet you. Good luck on your application.
  2. +1, Great trooper knows what he is doing, When he points his mind to it he can accomplish many things. He is on everyday from my perspective and is only not on when he has a good reason.
  3. Please change my name to Splonter? As I feel i'm recognised as that name now, Thanks.
  4. Cheers all for your responses its greatly appreciated, I've spoken to @Seven about your feedback and I appreciate you talking to me and giving me your opinion and I hope I can change your mind, @Ben @Red Unfortunatly I've attempted to talk to you both but you seem to be ignoring me at the moment, I would greatly appreciate talking to you about your feedback.
  5. Steam Name: Faithful Age: 15 Do you have a microphone that you can use regularly? Yes, I have a Blue Snowball Microphone which I use regularly. Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:7371623 In-game name and rank: SCAR Colonel Splonter Previously: (Rancor Battalion) Commander ARC-30 Arthur (Splonter) Time Played: 4 Weeks, 1 Day and 22 Hours Why are you applying for this position?: I'm applying for the position of Event Master for multiple reasons, The main reason I'm applying for this position is to increase the level of enjoyment for the players and
  6. +1, Being his Commander I've seen Mega quite a bit and I believe he is fit for this position. When Mega puts his mind to something he gets it done and beyond your expectations he also knows the times to be serious and the time to muck around and have fun, Overall I believe Mega is definitely fit for this position.
  7. Cheers for your response. *Bump*
  8. Interested in talking to you about a Rancor Battalion trailer.
  9. G'day Ran, I'm the one who took your job as Sith <3
  10. Steam Name: Faithful RP Name: Commander ARC-30 "Blitz" Steam ID/Link: STEAM_0:0:73716233 Time On Server: 3 Weeks, 1 Day & 17 Hours
  11. I'd go with the trend so PubG or Battlefront 2.
  12. Cheers for your feedback I've updated my playtime.
  13. I wish you all the best wherever you decide to go Kosmos.
  14. Rancor Battalion is differently interest in this!
  15. Yeah and Rancor owns 2 of them lol. Welcome to the forums Grapes! I look forward to training and overlooking your progress within Rancor
  16. Thank you both for your responses. Update: I've updated my position to Rancor Commander ARC-30 "Blitz/Splonter" I've also updated my playtime to 2 Weeks, 4 Days and 6 Hours.
  17. Will miss you Barron, Good luck wherever you go!
  18. Thanks for your response. Thanks for your response, I spoke to you ingame about my activity about how i'm usally on 2+ hours each day and how I might not stand out as much being a Shadow Guard and having a oath of silence which may reflect on how my activity looks, I hope my reasoning helped explain my activity, Thanks again for your update of your opinion.
  19. EDIT: Updated Playtime Updated Rank to Shadow Guard Leading Guardsman Added more ideas in
  20. NEUTRAL Application isn't really detailed Activity Is Decent I don't really know who you are Reasons for why you deserve PAC 3 are also quite generic Good luck!
  21. EDIT: Updated rank to Shadow Guard Instructor Updated Playtime
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