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  1. Hello, I'm back joining the community again and look forward to getting involved and taking up new and unique experiences. After just coming back and getting a taste of the server again over the last 2 days It has shown me how much the server has changed and all the new and unique systems but in place, Although coming back from a 5 week trip i have to go away again for roughly a week and a half trip so hopefully I'll be back after that to meet everyone.

    Looking forward to rejoining the community again!

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  2. 7 minutes ago, Supersoup said:

    I will admit regarding that @Splonter that my attitude regarding that was less than professional. However, I had nothing but Support with that EM application and while it was a grave mistake assuming I'd get in due to support, My anger was still justified when I was denied. I talked to many of the EMs regarding that situation and you all told me the same thing "We discussed it together and believed your events weren't detailed enough." That would of been fair if you had ACTUALLY told me the reason behind the denial of my application. The way it went was I PM'd beast the reason why it was denied. He said the events weren't detailed enough. "Okay, so what wasn't detailed enough?" And from there he stopped responding. During that I was trying to get the input of multiple event masters on their opinion of why I was denied, just trying to scrounge together a reason on particularly why they all agreed to deny the application - It may of been intrusive or rude, but I wanted to ensure I knew the reason EXACTLY why I was denied and for what reasons. It didn't help when many people were just rubbing their neck and giving me the most vague answers you could muster, and frankly I felt disrespected by the fact you were giving me such lackluster responses. I understand the fact that how I acted during it may of come off as aggressive, but you were leading me around like a stray dog and I wasn't getting the answers I needed.


    I apologize in future for any trouble I may of caused you during this Splonter, but the way I acted still was not acceptable.


    Sorry, man.


    Also @Katelyn You mind PMing me what I was disrespectful you about? Or post it here, It's up to you! I'll try to address what may of occured and if I need to make ends meet. I'll apologize in future if I did come across as rude or disrespectful, on how it's simply just my nature of how straight-forward I am with things.

    That’s fair enough hence why I’m no too leaving a +1/-1 due to the fact that I don’t play as much in the server therefor you can’t really prove yourself to me. Although you’d say you had support yet you had 8 Neutrals and 5 +1s which doesnt really matter due to all EMs deciding. The main problems is that we tried to explain multiple times to you on teamspeak the problems with your event so but you never listened hence why I believe you are saying we didn’t now.  That being from your events not even linking to Star Wars RP and the application itself requiring more detail on the answers. With the response we got back from you trying to talk it just justified our answer with you not being able to take constructive criticism well which you will get a LOT from being EM and if you can’t take criticism well it can damage not only your image but the EM teams image as well.

  3. I’m not going to give this a +1/-1 based off the fact that I’m not really apart of the community but just here to give input based off previous experiences. To start off with your events aren’t really detailed to start off with but my main concern being your attitude. This is off the fact that you applied for EM on another server and you got denied due to lack of detail (This not being the problem) the problem was AFTER you got denied you got very stubborn and to the point disrespectful to the people you approached, You wanted to contact the H-EM of the server but Beast and I went to have a chat to you first about feedback (Us being both Senior EMs at the time) the way in which you responded to this feedback you were completely in denial of the fact that anything was wrong with your application believing that everything was 100% perfect and nothing requiring improvement. You refused any feedback we gave you even though you were the one seeking it. It got to the point that we couldn’t get through to you and we had to go to the current H-EM to sort it out in which you were still in denial and even went to disrespecting the current EMs etc. Off these interactions I’ve had with you I don’t believe you have the attitude required to be of a EM yet unfortunately. This all got to the point that we had to end the conversation after around 4 days of discussion with you and nothing getting through to you.

    (If anyone requires the link to the application that got denied or more information please contact me as I won’t post link here due to advertising issues)

  4. After being within the community for around 5 solid months now it's  been an incredible experience, although my time has come where I must depart and move on, you've all been an amazing community and I hope to continue talking to you guys in the future. If you wish to know why I'm leaving or have any questions add me on steam so we can talk I may pop in every now and again to check how things are doing, But until then all I have to say is farewell, I wish IG and its community the best and I hope we meet again.


    Farewell IG - Signed Splonter


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  5. @Phresh Zeisty @Wenus @Tuckerbox @Excalibur @Shaz @Anthony @Pavonis @Jackson @Ramirez @pinejack @Chef @Rooster @Emerald @Jimka @Marlin @Carnifex @Martibo @Gregg @PandaCorn @[IG] Tackxo @Happy @|Stryker| @Maffa146

    You are all entered into the draw!

    The winner shall be announced today roughly around 5PM AEDT, You can still enter up until that time.

    Good luck all!

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