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  1. 1 hour ago, PuffyPanda said:

    It's very hard to do that because when someone dies it doesn't log how they died ( explosion, Saber etc ) only the attacker and the DMG . It could feasibly be done by checking the active weapon of the attacker and putting it on a list of people not able to be spawned but something like that would have to be approved by management 


    number Player:LastHitGroup()

    only issue is models not having proper hitboxes

  2. 3 hours ago, Binny said:

    I'm just going to add my 2 cents to this conversation. Again as Theta said, don't take this to heart, these are just my opinions on why Army is failing.

    -Why would you want to join Army when you could join COMPNOR, Sith or NAVY? 

    We all saw from later July then all through August, a LARGE majority of the server were involved in every other branch besides Army, I think it got the point where there were literally less than 10 army on with 70 players total. I think this mainly came down to the appeal of each branch. For example, why join Shock when I could just join ISB. Or why join shadow when I could join Compforce ( I know they are different, I have had that argument before). I also think it comes down to the Commanding Officers as well, Roleplay can become stale for all players if you CO just does the same activities over and over again. It will get boring. 

    With that I also think that high ranking officers should just be allowed to stay in their role for a long period of time, if he / she doesn't try to progress their regiment of shoot for higher goals, then they shouldn't be allowed to stay in this role as there is no form of progression for those lower ranks, that want what's best for their regiment. Like I have seen first hand around 2-3 commanding officers of essential regiments just go inactive recently, why should they get their commanding officer position when they literally only get on once per week? Like not only does that cuck the entire regiment over, it also fucks over the officers that get on everyday to try and make it succeed.  Another point that i would like to mention, is that the server thrives off conflict RP, whether you like it or not, conflict keeps players motivated to get online. From my personal experience, I'm very motivated to get online the next day if something huge happens previously. (Shock to Stronk hehe )

    People will hate me for saying these couple changes but again this is just what I think will make the server better. 

    - Remove 275th replace it with more exclusive content but more specificity more exclusive roleplay that is sustainable.  ( EVO gets boring after 5 bomb defusals) 

    - I'm not sure what is happening with the Imperial Intelligence role in game, but I think it should all just slide under COMPNOR. 

    - Completely Cut in half COMPNOR slots, NAVY slots, Inquisitor / Purge Slots, Death Trooper Slots. (maybe 6-7 each)

    - Replace inactive commanders and bring in people that actually want change and want what's best for their regiments. 

    I doubt this forums comment will actually ever be considered but that is my two cents. 

    Have a great night!




    Each navy regiment already has some of the smallest amount of slots on the server, It wouldn't make sense to then cut them in half whilst we are predominantly based on the ISD which are run, maintained & flown by navy.

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  3. Quote

    Want to get in on the latest update? MORDHAU is now 50% off on Steam until Sep 28th, 10 AM PST! Pick up a copy for yourself or a friend!

    Yeah MORDHAU is 50% off with the new update, pick it up if you want its a pretty cool game. I would highly recommend, the community is great and there are also fun clans and stuff out there you can join. If anyone wants to play sometime I'm down :)



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  4. 31 minutes ago, Mongo said:

    Stathi brought up a lot of evidence, however has since removed his posts about it. Yes I will say that sure we are going off of what people said, but myself and scheff are quite long term members of the community. however that being said I in no way shape or form mean to say this in any sort of bias way. But I view myself and Scheff as trusted members of the community. a lot of people value our views and I cannot stress this enough but lying about such events would be subjection to moderation by staff. You are overlooking a lot of things that have been said by members of the community and other screenshots. Stathi had posted a video which I still have access to of what appears to be Pickle helping someone minge on the server and further abusing his powers to prevent him from receiving moderation. However Stathi has since removed the video and returned to a neutral response. Yes we don't have much to go off of on the Ion Disruptor than two accounts from Myself and Scheff. and some minor screenshots that scheff had of him that night. You should re-read Luigi's post and the post scheff made before concluding that there isn't any evidence of the ion incident.

    Stathi's evidence has been removed and is no longer relevant to the report itself due to reasons of a personal matter that occurred during that time (Around 3-4 months) ago. If you'd like to know more you are free to contact myself in this regard.

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  5. 4 minutes ago, Mauler said:

    You yourself advocated in a staff meeting for vehicles to be spawned in in an actual viable location. Pickle just jumps down into an empty training field, spawns an AT-ST and starts driving around for seemingly no apparent reason. 


    This alone however isn't enough to warrant a demotion though, but it does set a bad example.

    A training ground is indeed a viable location as its inside the Imperial Compound, When I stated that I meant that spawning vehicles in the middle of no where (e.g on the other side of a map where no base is in sight or in the middle of a desert) wouldn't make sense in an RP scenario. If an AT-ST were to be spawned outside of the training ground it would have no way of getting in due to that bridge so you can't logically place it in any other area. So I personally see it as viable to spawn in a training ground in which it'll only be able to be contained inside.

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  6. 15 minutes ago, Mongo said:

    In most scenarios it would be fine to have the AT-ST sure, but he is not doing a sim or a training, nor does he have a valid reason to take out said vehicle. Just because you have a proper license for something doesn’t mean you can drive it whenever and wherever.

    as for the Physgun and T7 According to the regulations of staff report template, witnesses are fine, that being Delta and Scheff respectively.

    Nor do I specifically view this as Roleplay as he just randomly spawned a vehicle and got in it and recklessly drove it around killing people

    regardless that people shot him first is practically irrelevant as the reasoning he had the vehicle in the first place is redundant.

    He doesn't need a reason to spawn in an AT-ST he is a Rear Admiral, If he is taking out vehicles just to waste them then thats something the Grand Admiral has gotta grill him for. But speaking from personal experience as an ISC Commander if someone from Navy High Command wants to pull out a vehicle for a joy ride they can go right ahead. Back to my previous point, I personally don't see Pickle using his staff powers at all in an abusive way and if he is indeed being reckless with a vehicle or anomalously using it in which you have an issue with its something that is to be dealt with in a roleplay scenario.


    The staff report template actually states for you to provide (videos, screenshots etc) and witnesses are more of a supporting role not as a main means as evidence, this is for obvious reasons due to possibility of bias and people teaming up on other individuals.

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  7. From the evidence provided I can't actually see Pickle doing anything wrong, He spawned in an AT-ST which he has the license to do so (EPL) and from what I can see in the video, Pickle only started firing or even actually fired upon those that instigated first by shooting or attempting to use a lightsaber on the AT-ST. In which both circumstances I believe to be fine.

    In regards to the other incidents you've stated, Do you have any evidence @Mongo to back up these claims please? As its a bit difficult with most of the situations you've stated to be relied upon just based off your word with no evidence backing it.

    Edit: To add on, If in fact you do believe he drove the AT-ST recklessly or killed for no reason, Then please take it up in RP by reporting it to the Grand Admiral or ISC-CMD in which an evaluation would be done on his license.

    TL;DR from the evidence provided I don't see Pickle abusing his staff powers to any extent, And if he has abused his license then that is a situation to be taken up in an RP scenario.

    Thanks - Splonter

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