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  1. I've got 1 that only 1 person has ever been able to complete. Hit me up if you want to try it.
  2. -1, Caught you abusing Pac3 on other servers. EDIT: Bossk, Downvoting me for my opinion on your application doesn't help me to change either,
  3. Splonter


    Stooge kept telling me how to spend my money on GG
  4. Splonter


    Bye Puppers, we'll talk again
  5. After being within the community for around 5 solid months now it's been an incredible experience, although my time has come where I must depart and move on, you've all been an amazing community and I hope to continue talking to you guys in the future. If you wish to know why I'm leaving or have any questions add me on steam so we can talk I may pop in every now and again to check how things are doing, But until then all I have to say is farewell, I wish IG and its community the best and I hope we meet again. Farewell IG - Signed Splonter o7
  6. I've decided to host another game giveaway, And i'm a bit puzzled as to what to giveaway next. Vote what you want me to giveaway or leave a comment if yours isn't stated. - Splonter <3
  7. Congratulations to @Phresh Zeisty on winner Kingdom Come: Deliverance! You'll be messaged on the details and codes. I thank you all personally for participating and I hope to do another one in the future.
  8. +1, Top lad I believe he would utilise Pac3 well and wouldn't abuse it, Keep doing what your doing Yam <3
  9. @Phresh Zeisty @Wenus @Tuckerbox @Excalibur @Shaz @Anthony @Pavonis @Jackson @Ramirez @pinejack @Chef @Rooster @Emerald @Jimka @Marlin @Carnifex @Martibo @Gregg @PandaCorn @[IG] Tackxo @Happy @|Stryker| @Maffa146 You are all entered into the draw! The winner shall be announced today roughly around 5PM AEDT, You can still enter up until that time. Good luck all!
  10. I had no regrets or worries putting you in charge, make me proud.
  11. I'm inlove with your harmonica, we both want to live happily ever after...
  12. So uh... I kind of accidentally bought 2 copies of the new game Kingdom Come: Deliverance game which came out today, So I thought why not just giveaway the other copy to my favourite community. Kingdom Come: Deliverance is basically a Medieval RPG game that is a choose you're own adventure game the base price on steam is 59.99$ USD (kind of a big rip for me). Now, What you've all been wondering "How do I win?!" well its pretty simple, Comment below with your in-game name, steam name, steam profile link and your in-game playtime once you've done all that you've been entered into the draw!
  13. Whats your opinion on the latest Han Solo movie trailer?
  14. The point of an application is to apply for the position not mainly for the feedback, I recommend instead of applying for feedback go around the ship or ask people in TS for feedback if you take someone and have a conversation 1 on 1 you'll find them to be a lot more honest and outgoing towards the conversation. As that way not only are you improving how well known you are but you're also getting to know other people and make new connections whilst knowing what you need to improve on from their feedback, I find that to be the best way to go about this.
  15. Don't go in the van @Edwards
  16. I'm going to be a NEUTRAL for this until I see more of you as my opinion is undecided right now, I feel your events could use more effort and some more creativity but the application itself is pretty good, I'll look out for you in the future so this is bound to change.
  17. Honestly I'm going to have to -1 this I've found you to hold grudges which is definitly not an ideal trait for a Moderator, I've also found you to be rude and disrespectful both to me and others from what the other posts can see and can be short tempered, I also don't really find you making an effort to get involved with this community as you don't really stand out, Maybe if you made an effort to talk and meet people and get to know them you would stand out more but from my current view I feel you aren't fit for this position sorry. EDIT: And everytime I have attempted to talk to y
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