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  1. Hello just to inform everyone my activity may fluctuate due to my Father currently being in hospital so I will have to help out around the house a lot more and visit him etc. I'll still try be on as much as I can and run events and all that.

    Should be for roughly a week, Just wanted to inform everyone so I don't get spammed with 'inactive' if my activity drops.

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  2. 24 minutes ago, Hyperion said:

    All those I Aos are for a reason and I role play as a Asian that doesn’t take shit from anyone and with the  advertising thing I said one small thing in game to 2 people ai didn’t say go +1 my application or anything like that I was merely  suggesting that I have a trail mod app on the forums that was it nothing else was said honestly it pissed me off that you included that. With the Aos thing I get a lot of shit at the logistics centre and I always have good reason.

    Tbh doesn’t matter if you told them to +1 or not the rules still explicitly state “Do not advertise” and you agreed to these terms the moment you applied.

    Due to this I cannot support this application at the current stage sorry.


  3. +1, Although this is quite a series issue I do believe in second chances and you have been given time to think over your actions and if you are telling the truth this could be a misunderstanding.


    +1 for ban reduction.

  4. 2 minutes ago, Bailey said:


    Just came back to the community, would like to see some more dedication from you. Also bad at Counter-Strike

    Thank you for your response I appreciate it.

    I’ve currently been with the community again for around 2 months now and have attempted to show my dedicated and eagerness to rejoin the community I still plan on working on that. I have been attempting to show my dedication in a multitude of different ways such as to my Regiment, through my application and through the media team. I plan on continuing to show my dedication throughout my time in the community to help prove myself to you. I thank you for your response and feedback again and hope to prove myself to you in the coming future.

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  5. Sorry but i'm going to have to -1 this application.

    Although the application is detailed I don't see you represent the proper traits to be a moderator yet.

    - I've found you at times to be immature, and quick to assume situations.

    - You've been rude, disrespectful and aggressive to me at times calling me a "shitty person"

    - You currently have a ban on record.

    - I've also found you to be impatient and not able to take criticism from interactions with you both on this server and others.

    Note: All this being in out of character situations.

    At this current moment I don't really see you fit for T-Mod although over time you can prove me wrong.

  6. Thank you everyone for your feedback I appreciate it!

    @Katelyn Thank your for the private conversation we had, I'll take everything said on board.


    @Ramirez @Morgan @Helsing @CaptainBorkz76

    Thank you for your feedback, I've now updated my application with new information and a new event (Making it first event on the list now) I've attempted to plan the event in a different style making it more interactive having screenshots and videos to help explain the event.

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