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  1. 14 minutes ago, Basil said:

    -1 leaning to a neutral 

    You are a good bloke pendragon and i have no doubts that you can become a good event master, but you need to add a HUGE amount of detail to your application and your events as one sentence responses dont show any effort or thought. On the topic of your events, try to make something original and put significantly more detail as its the main area of critique when applying for an EM position. Besides that, once i see a huge improvement i will change my response as need be, whether thats to a neutral or a +1. 

    Good luck my friend - Basil 

    Agreed I shall have to be a -1, as well as this one worry that has come to my attention is that when you volunteer as an event character you tend to not stick with it the whole way and drop it halfway through or near the end, I worry that if you are given an EM spot that this would repeat with you leaving during one of your events. As well as this I’d like to see a lot more detail in your application. Your first event also appears a bit generic being the basic Star Destroyer “go and shoot up the ship event.”

    Good luck!

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  2. 12 minutes ago, [IG] Tackxo said:

    One issue with this addon on the previous server Splonter mentioned is that it potentially causes bugs/general issues with picking up normal props. 
    Just a heads up.

    Through my time of using this addon i'm yet to encounter this bug/issue with the addon.

    Although I am aware of it

  3. 1 hour ago, bosterflaming said:

    +1 isn’t there a buildiblle version that lets you place a stand and repair tool it so you can’t just spawn a bunch of turrets https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1387693767 (I think this is it) I believe you just need to use the repair tool on it (which is on the server already) so that it gets built 

    There is a 1 time buildable that comes with the addon preventing people from spawning multiple.

  4. 12 minutes ago, Bailey said:

    This would be pretty cool honestly, the only problem I can see is that is sort of looks crap to use, and people might just use their guns which seems easier to me in the long run.

    I can assure you sir it is in no way crap to use, I have personal experience of using it other servers when I was an EM and it not only packs a lot of damage it is easily to use has nice fire rate and you can even use multiple at once if they are close together.

  5. There is also a neat tool that can be used (which is included in the addon) for engineers or such. It’s a turret deployable which is a one time use tool (So can’t be spammed) where when right clicked the tool will disappear and a turret will spawn.

  6. 7 minutes ago, Daddle said:

    I'm in a bit of confusion at the moment after thinking on it for a while now.

    The ban notice has " Sexist Remarks " none of which were sexist.

    The ban also states that it was because I said my dick lengthens in OOC chat TO the player.

    After getting the chance to apologize to the player after the ban drying up, I was told she doesn't remember it at all, and that she thinks that " It was what you said, not anything to do with me"

    Theres more context around it if anyone wants to know the whole conversation albeit it was a short one.

    I was banned for five days, blacklisted from the Navy and kicked from the Engineers and labeled a sexist several times as well as having a warning and a ban for sexual harassment over my head. I take what I said seriously, I take this situation seriously and I take sexual harassment seriously.

    Thus I think anyone can see as to my my confusion exists. I wasant banned for being sexist because there is nothing to do with me being sexist. The player didn't remember or care about it and jokes about dicks are very common in both OOC chat and normal chat. Although most of the time it isint as straight up as what I said.


    What was the specific reason I was banned? If possible I would like someone who is able to clarify ( Im assuming its wolf because he was the one who banned me).

    If I was banned because I said it to someone or more specifically a female player, but that player just told me that it was because of what I said not the target. As much as I'm sure everyone wants to hear me say I wasant targeting her but instead the idea of it again. Was I banned because I said my dick  is lengthening in ooc chat? Or was I banned because I sexually harrassed a female player who doesent remember it even happening in the first place?

    IG has provided me with experiences and times that I have not had in a long time if at all. This situation has made me think ALOT. I care about the server and the players in it. I also care if someone has given me a sexual harrasment tag to carry around for the rest of my time on the server. So ill be as plain as I can possibly be with all the reasoning and details above. Everything above was made in mind of the victim of what happened as well as any other people that it could have effected.

    I dont think it was sexual harassment. I did NOT say it toward stitches. I did NOT at any point treat ANYONE differently based on their sex or gender.

    I said my dick is lengthening in OOC and I think people took it the wrong way. Plain and simple as that. I didint want to be bold because I was afraid of further causing discomfort or offending anyone but now that ive learned that nobody was offended in the first place I think I have my chance to fight and defend myself. 

    Five days isint a big deal. A bit of boredom and loss of potential credit and rank gain arent something that would ever make me drag this on.

    But I lost my chance at being in my favorite regiment filled with good people. Ive also been called a sexist and will be carrying the ban and warning with me.

    Thats what im going for now. to get someone to listen and trust me, as ive given no reason thus far to make distrust between anyone. In no way am I trying to justify what I said. It was over the line. But I did not harass anybody and I was never sexist. And I lost my role as a janitor for it and blacklisted from the navy.

    Thanks for reading another long post.

    Here is the definition of sexism;

    1. 1.
      relating to or characterized by prejudice, stereotyping, or discrimination, typically against women, on the basis of sex.

    Now if i'm not mistake the remark you made was on the basis of sex that being of man which was meant to denigrate the opposite gender to make them feel uncomfortable. Now I'm unsure whether the effect you caused was intentional or not but you definitely managed to cause damage. As well as this we also have minors on the server and saying what you did is extremely inappropriate and I would not want someone on the server making those remarks. I won't be leaving +1 or -1 on this due to the fact that I don't feel this should be up to me.



  7. I've been getting lua panics when I try load onto the server and my game crashed some fixes I've tried are:

    - Lowering graphics

    - Verifying game cache

    - Factory Resetting Gmod

    - Being set to recruit

    - Completely uninstalling and reinstalling gmod

    - Deleting all addons

    Any help is appreciated!

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