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  1. I'm down for it! I just prepurchased it!
  2. Add R4-B to the wheel? I wish to enter.
  3. This is a proper human being, Pineapple belongs on Pizza.
  4. Splonter


    Thanks! Glad to be a good meme
  5. Splonter


    Nah that's my Dad we are all named after each other.
  6. Splonter


    Hello, I'm Splinter or Splonter in game. I joined about a year ago but after a week I left and I recently started playing again about 1 month ago, I thought I'd make a introduction now because why not, A little bit about me is that I'm currently a SGT in Storm Commandos my past regiments are Royal Storm Troopers and Shock that's about it. I have around 2000 hours in G Mod because I have no life. I look forward to meeting you all in game or talking to you more if I have already met you
  7. I wish to attend the Tryouts. Name: Splonter Rank: Private First Class Regiment: Storm Commandos
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