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  1. EDIT: Changing to a -1 at this current stage I don't believe you possess the qualities required of a moderator.


    As well as this you are also currently pre-occupied as a Minecraft Server Owner, So I don't see you being able to balance both heavy responsibilities at this current stage,

  2. 13 minutes ago, Bailey said:


    Wouldn't be used on an ISD. Sorry homie, but the Hound Trooper Division was phased out after the Clone Wars during Lieutenant (Previously Sergeant) Hound's death.

    There is no record nor anything of Massiffs being phased out after the Clone Wars and as stated previously the server is going by its own lore at times. (This isn't life changing lore like being able to hyperspace ships through others)

    Aswell as this it may not be used on the ISD but it may well be used in multiple other events and can also be used on Ilum.

  3. 7 minutes ago, Rickle said:

    Alting is a serious offense, but when I took you into 224th on your 'alt' account which I honestly had no clue, you started to RP, follow server rules, just in future don't Alt and honestly you shouldn't have been perma banned after one times of RDM it should of been a Warn. +1 for Ban Removal.


  4. It’s real sad you go, All the good times we’ve had has been amazing and you’ve given me a lot of laughs. Although I will attempt to change your mind I still hope that we can stay in touch and for you to visit ts every now and again on ts (I’ll always be there) but until then I wish you the best of luck in your future and hope the interest comes back one day.

    You’ve contributed tons towards the server and made hella lots of friendships, I thank you for everything you’ve not only contributed towards the IG Community but for being such a great friend to me. 

    Farewell Brass :(

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  5. 32 minutes ago, Smoke said:

    NEUTRAL (towards -1)

    I believe that there is some base layer here of a good EM, however there needs to be a lot more detail here in each question and in the events, I suggest looking at previous applications to see how much detail is put into each event and each question. If you fix these issues i may consider giving you a +1 or neutral leaning towards +1. I also believe that each event could be better structured with binds and /comms texts in the document so that it shows you have a competency in planning in advance. I would also like to see a greater overview of what each characters role in the event is and what HP they will be given.




  6. After a lot of work the media team brings you the Chritmas Special, Thank you all for coming together to help create the video. We hope you enjoy!

    Special thanks to the entire media team, Demonic for the narration & poem, Bailey for the script, Rickle for directing, Kahn for the thumbnail and everyone else that assisted in the creation of the video.


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  7. 4 hours ago, Bailey said:

    Look for the fro for Tonberry.

    It would be difficult to find you because you'd probably be noclipped somewhere :)

    jk, I'd probs be the guy at the back looking at my watch for when its over.

  8. 11 minutes ago, Brass said:

    +1 for ban reduction to 2-3 weeks.

    • I've spoken to you multiple times in-game about your minging and issues. You're a good guy.
      • You always seem to acknowledge your actions and apologise for them meaningfully.
    • Though you do have your moments. Where you decide to minge around and annoy others for your enjoyment.
      • I honestly think that everybody gets these moments, while not as bad, we all have them. And you can improve.
    • Even with your alt account, once you were confronted and asked about it, you instantly gave yourself up and apologised.
      • You can do better. And If you are unbanned, I hope to see that better side.

    I think that you deserve a second chance. And if given it I hope that you'd respect the rules and the rest of the player base on Imperial Gaming.

    If a second chance is given, I propose a 2 week probation period, that if he is warned once during this, he will be permanently banned.

    Good luck.

    Agreed, I feel you are generally a good guy evident as when I hosted an event specifically for the STs today. You listened and managed to get them in order for me when they mucked around. I feel there could be a new page for you and hope you change your ways if the ban appeal is accepted.

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