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  1. 4 hours ago, Basil said:

    +1 I personally think Sterling would be an excellent fit for a T-mod on the server, he has shown to me that not only is mature, friendly, intelligent but he is also quite trustworthy. i understand that he has just rejoined Imperial gaming but i personally think he deserves the chance to prove himself on the server and i see no better way then him joining the moderation team. 


    Best of luck - Basil


  2. 1 minute ago, Pebbles said:

    Well yes if possible. I donated $40 dollars for it on RG had it for not even a week and the server is shutting down Sterling said he's moving over into what I would assume an Admin position. As I said, "If not that's fine I'm sure I can organize a refund from Sterling hopefully."

    Sorry but we are 2 different communities completely...

    A transfer probably wouldn't be possible.

  3. 14 minutes ago, Hyperion said:

    So as a Massiff are you just set as a dog player model and given like a melee weapon?

    You are given double the speed of a normal player (really fast) as well as a special Massiff swep that allows you to bite people dealing around 50-70dmg per bite.

    Currently with the 4 slots they start off free although they may become donation later down the line, To become a Massiff you must first be a Hound Trooper.

  4. Military Police

    The Military Police was the law enforcement arm of the Galactic Republic's Military during the Clone Wars. It could be authorized by the Galactic Senate to take over an investigation if clone troopers and/or other military personnel were involved.

    Military Police Troopers

    The Military Police Troopers are the backbone of all internal operations that deal with all internal matters & security issues regarding troopers, officers & naval soldiers that become defective, treasonous, commit war crimes, attempt to smuggle contraband or that commit crimes against the Republic where it be against civilians, your own brothers or full out becoming rebellious against your higher ups. They Military Police Troopers job is to ensure peace and an effective army that is there to keep the peace and to maintain order within regiments. Equipped with the standard DC-15A Blaster Rifle as well as the DC-15S Blaster, Complimented with the DC-17 Sidearm. Along with this they are supplied with equipment to assist in arrests and to capture hostiles that being Elastic Restraints, Tactical Restraints along with a Taser. Currently on the Republic Venator Military Police have 12 spots the Military Police Trooper team, Which ensure justice & peace for the time being aboard the war ship. Military Police currently being under the command of Kassius.



    Hound Troopers

    The Hound Troopers were the dog squad of the Military Police, Highly specialised soldiers tasked in tracking & searching for contraband and/or fugitives. They are equipped with the normal Military Police Trooper load out although have a leash added onto it, They handle highly trained Massiffs to assist in searches to sniff out suspects and contraband. The sight of a Hound Trooper and a Massiff is definitely an intimidating sight. The Hound Troopers are called in for operations & interrogations if necessary to give a little bit of 'motivation' to get people to talk, The operations usually involved bunk inspections, tracking & to assist in apprehending hostiles. Currently aboard the Venator there are 8 Hound Trooper slots being commanded by Captain CC-7272 'Splonter.'




    The massiff was a species of dangerous hunters found on desertplanets including Tatooine and Geonosis. Massiffs were domesticated for sentry and guard tasks, and are commonly used by Tusken Raiders. Many massiffs were domesticated and trained for sentry and guard duty. In instances Hound Troopers utilised massiffs as guard beasts. Hound Troopers train massiffs as trackers. At least one, named Grizzer, was used by the clone trooper accordingly nicknamed Hound. Massiffs are strong dogs used for tracking and as stated before as sentries and guard duties, They assist in searches as well as finding contraband or any other illegal possessions. Massiffs used in the Republic are usually accompanied by a Hound Trooper with the Massiff being on a leash unless being released to immobilise hostiles, They are equipped with a ferocious bite that can take a chunk out of someones leg. Currently aboard the Venator there are 4 Massiffs slots.






  5. The fact that you pretend you know nothing of this even though this is incident happened directly after you were banned and an alt came on spamming this, As well as it being by your clan or team "minge.team" you would've been evidently aware of this being done at the time, Own up to your actions and apologise instead of attempting to hide everything you've done in the past and pretend you haven't hurt people.



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  6. -1 I don't believe you'd be a suitable mod based on my interactions with you. Before I decide to support this application would like your maturity to improve as well as your ability to deal with heated situations. I feel that you also hold grudges which definitely isn't an ideal trait to have as a moderator.


    Edit: Changing to a NEUTRAL for the time being to see whether attitude & morals have legitimately changed, And so I can see over the next few weeks if there has been significant improvements from past interactions.

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  7. Huge -1, What you've done in the past is disguisting and multiple being federal offences that can land you a fat fine or in prison.


    You've doxxed a good friend of mine heavily, During EG you were banned you came on in an alt and spammed in comms this persons real name, As well as a link to a document which revealed their family names, where he lives, his school, photos of him & family as well as phone numbers all whilst there was 80+ people on the server, I shall not reveal this person unless asked directly due to privacy reasons but for you to have the heart to do this is honestly revolting. You've been incredibly disgusting & toxic in the past with using Garrys Mod hacks as well as threats to ddos the EG community when it was alive. I honestly hope you stay banned permanently.

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  8. 4 minutes ago, Twinkie said:

    This is funny because you know that if I did say something nothing would've happened.


    Sorry, I said it wrong.

    I should've said, 'There's no point trying because the staff team will just accept her"

    And I do know how that stuff worked, if you do remember I was a mod at one point, but hey, you probably didn't notice because you were too busy being sucked up to

    What do you think I went off of nothing? I messaged multiple people from EG to clarify this, and they all said the same thing. And only believing active members over something that is not happening right as we speak is stupid and you know it.

    Ok good to know

    I've spoken to multiple of my old mates in EG who were heavily involved in this situation as was I, You haven't spoken to any of them.

    Please name the EG people, As right now it appears as if you are going off assumptions.

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  9. Unfortunately Flame I will have to -1 this application although I am leaning towards a NEUTRAL due to the following reasons:


    - You are very active.

    - You have shown lots of dedication towards the server.

    - You have leadership experience being within Shock.

    - You are a good person to talk to, mature at most times which is a great trait to have as a moderator.



    - With my time with you in Shock/Riot I've found you to be extremely controlling with everything wanted to be your way, Now this isn't necessarily a bad trait to have, Although to be a staff member you are required to be flexible in which I still believe you are developing this skill.

    - I feel as though you wouldn't be able to handle sits well, as in previous instances you tend to crack under pressure and if something goes south in a sit I fear you would not be able to get it under control again and would just start with instant threats relating back to being flexible.

    - The detail in the application isn't really sufficient as most questions are just 1 or 2 sentences answers, If it could be expanded upon in detail that would be great.

    - I've also found you to be sometimes to be influenced by others, And with this I feel it could impact outcomes of sits and situation, Although I could be wrong.


    Although this can easily change overtime, Good luck on your application!

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  10. Although we've had our issues in the past, I'm ready to put it behind me and I've made my peace as I hope you have,

    Overall looking at your qualities you are fit for staff which is evident by your previous experience, You have the mindset & personality to carry out aspects of staffing but only when you decide to apply yourself to it as in the past we have seen it slip once you are no longer staff.

    She is here now, And to be honest about the leaving towards EG situation the only thing that matters is that she is here. I left for EG and came back and my dedication has not slipped towards the server in any way, shape or form. If anything it boosts my work ethic to prove to those that doubted my loyalty by working even harder to assist in the growth of the community once again.

    Due to this I am a strong believer in Excalibur being fit to become a staff again. +1

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