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  1. 1 hour ago, Bailey said:

    No clue who this is, but this dude is taking SWRP way too fucking seriously and is also calling out people in front of each other, not a good leader at all. Also insulting a Jedi General who is a higher rank than him, boonk gang.

    Praise in public. Discipline in private.

    I don't know who Catalyst is, but cry more tbh.

    No offence to anyone else there who's hit mate, but fuck, this the kind of shit that ruins SWRP because it makes people not want to play, dude is taking Events wayyyyyy too seriously.

    Also if Catalyst reads this, 1v1 me in Climb SWEP.

    I’ll 1v1 you in climeswep.

  2. 13 minutes ago, SterlingX said:

    Back on RG Stark was one of the most dedicated and compotent Moderators we had. I would see him easily fitting into the IG Imperial Staff Team. +1

    • 1084842256_Untitled(2).png.1510ad4e2d829a8d09b8d9dd712f73ec.png 
    • I'd like this to be answered please, As currently it brings up a concern to myself that you are applying for be Moderator when the server you were Moderator on previously you didn't fully apply yourself? Which makes me question if it is possible this could be repeated if you receive the position on this server?
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  3. I’ll be sticking to a NEUTRAL due to the fact that you only decided to apply and fully dedicate your time once RG was shut down which you were a mod on, I’d like to see you show dedication a bit more to the server which can easily be shown by sticking with us fully for a while longer before I see that you are here to stay. I also find it a tad bit odd how the 2 people above me are new users or have minimum posts and +1 your application, although this could just be me.

    None the less, Good luck on your application I look forward to seeing you get involved in the community more via in-game, ts & the forums as I’d like to see you on the forums a bit more.

  4. 2 hours ago, Bailey said:


    Extremely great find mate, it could be good for DEFCON 1 events, also, all those addons you expressed worry about we already have, except for the SWTOR Prop Pack one, which is good because it means people won't have to download much. :)

    Really nice as well as this, It comes with the big prop pack of SWTOR props which has amazing props for events etc, Would really like this to be added as well as the required content!

  5. Pretty self explanatory, I believe Massif's should be given thermal vision as in RP they would be able to sense/sniff out any one currently in the area that including cloaked people. Currently Massif's don't have much and I believe giving them thermal vision would give them another role-play thing to do as well as more purpose. As to my knowledge no one in CW has thermal vision at all making Massif's more special.

  6. On 1/19/2019 at 1:44 AM, Bailey said:


    Who are you? Do you play our server even?

    EDIT: I went onto the RG Discord and you said "Dikhed alert", regarding my -1,  just pushes my point even further, I don't know you, and I've left my honest opinion on this application because you don't play our server and have literally, less than 24 hours ago come to the community (not having even logged in to IG since the RG shutdown) and have applied for Developer.


  7. On 1/8/2019 at 8:21 PM, Max said:


    Your motives are in the right place mate, but you just need to add a little more detail to the events and some of the answers.

    Some of the answers are quite generic as well.

    The events aren't too bad, but make sure you work out the kinks, have reasons to why things are happening and also try not to force RP.

    For example, the first event, how do the prisoners get onto the ISD? Does the transport ship have a cloaking device? And how do the prisoners take ONE shock hostage when they usually travel in squads etc etc.

    Good luck :)



  8. On 1/13/2019 at 5:23 AM, Emerald said:

    If you've been playing since the the start and have achieved such a high rank in Navy, I'm confused as to why you only have 1 week as of now.

    Anyways regardless, The new server will be in need of some Event Masters so I believe you should be given a shot at the role.



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