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  1. Speaks for itself, Advanced technology. (This happened on accident, Not the Pilots fault staff quickly resolved this issue.)
  2. I’m sorry but it is impossible for player slots to be increased, Garry’s Mod doesn’t allow it. Only thing I’d think to fix this was to have a second server for events that way people can still play on the server when an events going on balancing out population.
  3. I asked yesterday when I accidently sold my item, Unfortunately I got denied a refund.
  4. Yesterday I managed to save up my credits to 50k credits so I bought the Dual DC-17s although when I went to equip them I accidently clicked the sell button, Therefor selling my item and only giving me 25k credits by accident. I feel it would be very nice if when you hit the sell button you had another confirmation option that is something along the lines of "Are you sure?" therefor it prevents people from accidentally clicking the button like myself.
  5. It speaks for itself... amazing.
  6. Don't know why but this took me an hour to get the editting into it haha. The threat of Martibo is becoming too strong, We must band together to eliminate him!
  7. Hello, I'm currently in the middle of a mini project of mine which is a Pilot Trailer I've got the script and the music done with only filming and editing to go. Now currently I'm a bit short of hand all I require is a couple of volunteers to help out with acting. If you have any time to spare and would like to help out you'll be credited at the end of the end of the trailer for your help. If you'd like to participate just leave a reply down below, All help is appreciated! (Also looking for a graphic designer if any of you have a passion for that!)
  8. Sounds like a... "Plan" I'll let myself out the door...
  9. Sad to see you go, Good luck in your future decisions. Farewell, Solarium.
  10. A second server for events would be nice would solve a lot of issues. (Just quietly)
  11. Hello, I'm back joining the community again and look forward to getting involved and taking up new and unique experiences. After just coming back and getting a taste of the server again over the last 2 days It has shown me how much the server has changed and all the new and unique systems but in place, Although coming back from a 5 week trip i have to go away again for roughly a week and a half trip so hopefully I'll be back after that to meet everyone. Looking forward to rejoining the community again!
  12. I've got 1 that only 1 person has ever been able to complete. Hit me up if you want to try it.
  13. Splonter


    Stooge kept telling me how to spend my money on GG
  14. Splonter


    Bye Puppers, we'll talk again
  15. After being within the community for around 5 solid months now it's been an incredible experience, although my time has come where I must depart and move on, you've all been an amazing community and I hope to continue talking to you guys in the future. If you wish to know why I'm leaving or have any questions add me on steam so we can talk I may pop in every now and again to check how things are doing, But until then all I have to say is farewell, I wish IG and its community the best and I hope we meet again. Farewell IG - Signed Splonter o7
  16. I've decided to host another game giveaway, And i'm a bit puzzled as to what to giveaway next. Vote what you want me to giveaway or leave a comment if yours isn't stated. - Splonter <3
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