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  1. -1 Due to your recent postings on the forums it has given me a bad image of you as you've been insulting others and being pretty toxic. Due to this I don't think you've changed at this current time.
  2. Hello just to inform everyone my activity may fluctuate due to my Father currently being in hospital so I will have to help out around the house a lot more and visit him etc. I'll still try be on as much as I can and run events and all that. Should be for roughly a week, Just wanted to inform everyone so I don't get spammed with 'inactive' if my activity drops.
  3. +1, Although this is quite a series issue I do believe in second chances and you have been given time to think over your actions and if you are telling the truth this could be a misunderstanding. +1 for ban reduction.
  4. Best to close down the entiring firing range if you are going to conduct repairs, and comms in that you are repairing to make everyone aware of the situation.
  5. Thought I'd use this opportunity to create something to show the people off a bit more, The people in screenshots: @Ricky @Mars Flare @Shepherd @Snoozy @Kenny @Tonberry Kazimir @Auzii @Junker @Zote @Splonter @Bevan @Frost @Snow Zue @Rickle @Kahn Caleb & @Tom
  6. This is Shore Troopers first training session with detonators, very eventful.
  7. Although I haven't known you for long you have been a solid person. I wish you best of luck in your future choices.
  8. Depends what the face looks like yes do it
  9. I can plan some Christmas and Halloween events for the EMs if they want, got some good ideas as well as to throw in some cheeky Media Team Halloween/Christmas videos.
  10. Media Team is out with a new video! Hope you all enjoy! DS-01 Cinematic video should be coming soon so stay tuned for that.
  11. Splonter

    Hi I'm Ovi

    Welcome to the forums! I hope you enjoy your stay.
  12. "Coruscant, Coruscant, Coruscant"
  13. Splonter

    Nexes Intro

    Welcome to the forums!
  14. This was the first video I've put hours into editing due to my previous editor deciding to freeze every 20 seconds halfway through editing, Managed to get Adobe Premier Pro so it took me a while to figure out how to use it, I hope you guys enjoy it!
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