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  1. 4 minutes ago, Rickle said:

    +1 Changed alot, tried to put his past behind and improve which he has. Doing great so far as Republic intelligence CO, Active, Friendly, Application could have more detail. Event Ideas are good and have detail.


    @Emerald @Splonter Kinda unfair to -1 someone because how they acted in the past, when you havent been on the Clone wars server in a long time to see how much his changed and matured.


    This entire application is just copy and paste from the previous one... The only thing changed is the time played... even the IGN name is the same as the current one showing that he hasn’t even bothered to proof read or take on past feedback on the application on this past application, hence my response shall stay the same.


    This is the current application:




    Now this is the previous application:




    As you can see they are exactly the same.

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  2. -1 due to previous interactions and what i’ve witnessed, as well as this pretty much just being a copy and paste from your previous application showing no improvement on what other users have stated.

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  3. I'd like to formally apologise to anyone that I have hurt and/or inflicted a bad image or hindered their experience within the community over the past couple weeks, After reflecting I have understood that my actions and attitude within the past couple of weeks have been less then satisfactory and due to this i'd like to formally apologise to each individual that I have effected, I'll be attempting to get in contact with any of those that I have believe to effected and anyone that does not receive a message and was personally hurt by my attitude or actions please contact me. Over the past month of so my real life has been deteriorating rapidly, Its been difficult to keep up and I feel my insides just collapsing. My father has been in hospital for a couple weeks so its taken its toll on me, As well as this my school work and relationships with my family and friends have also been rapidly dropping the more time I spent within the server and it has taken me so long to finally realise this, I would've taken a break a couple weeks ago to get some time to reflect and to improve my IRL situation although I decided to just tank it out and continue pushing more events on CW due to the lack of EMs at the current time, I understand I should've considered my IRL situation first before doing such actions and I apologise. My mindset and moral as of late has been extremely low and I've had many dark thoughts, My only wish now is to make peace with those that I may have hurt in the past or may have bad feelings towards me so I can move on and even pop in once or twice a month. I'm taking this time to seperate myself from the community to improve my real life situations and to get myself out of this pit i've put myself in with my mindset and dark thoughts and neglect to my own personal self I've noticed.


    If anyone that I've hurt or inflicted over the past couple of weeks still has any bad feelings towards me, I'm sorry and I'd like to make peace whether it be through steam, forums or TS. At this current point in time I wish to improve my stance with some of the community members so I can depart peacefully so I can fully focus on improving my IRL situation without having to worry about the community anymore.

    I wish you all the best of luck on the server, in real life or any other situations. One final note i'd like to leave is to not neglect your personal life, Make sure you attend to that before anything else to do with games as it was the mistake I had made, I put games before my personal life and it costed me a great deal.

    I wish everyone within this great community the best any I sincerely apologise to any of those that I've inflicted and friendships that I've broken because of my recent actions.

    Regards ~ Splonter

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  4. Yeah its been a fun ride, I'll be in TS every now and again and in game.

    Hope you all enjoyed my events, videos n stuff that i've done for the community.

    Cya all.


    By the way, If you want my 8400 chips on Clone Wars and my 5000+ Chips on Imperial just hit me up, Might do a giveaway.


    EDIT: I just realised i'm leaving at my 400th post, How poetic

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  5. 6 hours ago, Rickle said:

    +1 - What you did was extremely bad but your Ban was almost a Year ago, you seem like you will not do this ever again. Your answers contain a lot of detail and you seem like you are telling the truth. Seems like you have used this time to reflect on your actions. 



  6. 22 minutes ago, Ragetank said:

    M79 Grenade launcher[css.gamebanana.com] (animations)[cs.gamebanana.com]
    EX41 China Lake[gamebanana.com] | Model and textures by Kosai106
    Milkor MGL[css.gamebanana.com]

    IED (left click to drop IED, right click to detonate)
    Proximity mine[css.gamebanana.com]
    Timed C4[css.gamebanana.com] (left click to set time, right click to plant. WARNING! If timer is set to zero, the bomb will detonate in your hands!)

    M61 fragmentation grenade[css.gamebanana.com] (hold right click to throw gently)
    Sticky Grenade[css.gamebanana.com] (hold right click to throw gently)

    Nitro Glycerine (with particle effects by Jellal Fernandes.)
    M202 Rocket Launcher[www.garrysmod.org]
    Davy Crockett (can be disabled by server admins with the concommand "DavyCrockettAllowed 0")

    Damascus sword[css.gamebanana.com] (hold right click to guard against other sword attacks)
    Fists[zm.gamebanana.com] (hold reload to guard against other punching attacks, taking much less damage.) Already have this on the server

    Nerve gas
    Orbital Strike
    We already have one on the server

    You cant use this in a star wars universe
    You might be able to use this in a star wars universe
    You can use this in a star wars universe
    Above is all the weapons from M9k specialties i've color coded the ones you could use in an event. As you can see the pack really doesnt add much to the server you can use/ we already have.

    I do not see a problem in any of the melee weapons being used, as not every weapon in the Star Wars universe was powered by energy, multiple were just shanks etc such as the knife, machete, sword and harpoon you’ve listed off as ‘can’t use.’ The video shows that the orbital strike isn’t as large as the one currently (Being the Star Wars Laser) which kills anyone within 3/4 of the map whereas this one is quite smaller and can be used by players. Any of the rocket launchers listed can be used by EMs to create different effects when doing events instead of having to use meteors 99% of the time, such as the Davy Crockett being a nuke which can be used for a multitude of RP scenarios. Although some have more uses then others it is 100% possible to use any listed whether it be an RP scenario or any tool for an EM to use to further scenarios and situations. Just because advanced empires used laser technology there are still many underdeveloped civilisations out in the Star Wars universe that developed their own way and had to use primitive technology and weapons. I thank you for your feedback again and hope you can see the positives to this being added and the wider range of choices us EMs will have to use to further benefit events on the server and the communities experience on the server.

  7. 6 minutes ago, Ragetank said:

    +1 For the prop pack though some of the props may be not so lore friendly
    -1 The weapon pack as it literally has nothing from the star wars era and is a massive download for probably little to no benefit to the server

    Cheers for your feedback, all the props in the SWTOR pack are lore friendly being from the Star Wars Universe, The weapon pack all melee weapons can be used in rp as well as the explosives, where as majority of the weapon pack are for the benefit of the EMs and events in general having more utaltities and options for us to use from orbital strikes, launchers etc.

  8. These are 2 addons that I feel would greatly enhance the amount of opportunities for RP as well as classes & load outs to expand the amount of options currently available to us both in battalions and events.

    The first being M9K Specialties, This prop pack contains a wide range of versatile weapons from melee to nukes, The melee can be used in events as well for classes as well there are many tools in there that can help to increase the amount of options currently available to us in event as Event masters to further increase the immersion, It is highly recommended that you watch the video in the steam workshop link to get an idea of whats available to you in this pack:


    The next add-on idea is the 276 SWTOR Prop pack, this is a really great add-on that introduces a wide range of new props available to use that both enhances the amount of role-play that can be done both in events and in normal hours, It greatly increases the range of props to be used both in building and creating new structures to enhance RP in itself, The props arrange from tents, to temple props to entire buildings it is a great prop back to have and I would highly recommend it:


    I hope these to be added as it will greatly benefit the server and assist in making it a unique and fun experience for everyone, I hope you all agree with me.

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