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  1. I created this in my spare time and I'm wondering what you all think.
  2. Very cool, Bailey peer pressured me into uploading this.
  3. Completely agree with this.
  4. The one that puts it in your inventory is the 1 time turret spawner tool. Rather if you use the Q menu and go to entities and spawn it though there that is the one that doesn't go in your inventory but let's you pick it up when E is pressed. If we wish to minimise the chance of someone taking a turret we can restrict it to events where it is spawned using Q Menu rather than the weapon.
  5. You can fix that issue by freezing the base of the turret using a physgun, The turret still works and you can't pick it up until its unfrozen. Also the turret may be used in the clone wars but doesn't mean it originated from it, It easily still fits in the timeline and era. As well as with the lag issue from my previous experiences with this on different servers with roughly the same population as IG, It hasn't affected it. It would only affect the server if you have 4+ on at once. If you feel that it would be too risky it can be restricted to EMs for events rather to regiments speci
  6. “Salute the brigadier!!!” Oh the memories...
  7. For someone attempting to gain a staff position on another server, definitely doesn’t look good.
  8. -1 For unban. +1 For an increased ban length.
  9. Good shit. That Passive Creature is a beast tho I bet it really had a thing for you.
  10. We got a reserved spot in the media team for you <3
  11. Hope you all enjoy! Please tell me if you'd like to see more of this as it takes quite a while to edit these kind of videos although it is very enjoyable!
  12. Through my time of using this addon i'm yet to encounter this bug/issue with the addon. Although I am aware of it
  13. I would play but my bank account is too low to buy this game
  14. There is a 1 time buildable that comes with the addon preventing people from spawning multiple.
  15. I can assure you sir it is in no way crap to use, I have personal experience of using it other servers when I was an EM and it not only packs a lot of damage it is easily to use has nice fire rate and you can even use multiple at once if they are close together.
  16. There is also a neat tool that can be used (which is included in the addon) for engineers or such. It’s a turret deployable which is a one time use tool (So can’t be spammed) where when right clicked the tool will disappear and a turret will spawn.
  17. Hello, I’d really like and push towards this addon being added to the server. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1382020460 Its a deployable turret addon in which it has a working turret that you can use, I have used this addon before and it is incredibly useful and would benefit not only individuals fun and enjoyment but also assist in events and overall immersion.
  18. Here is the definition of sexism; sexist /ˈsɛksɪst/ adjective 1. relating to or characterized by prejudice, stereotyping, or discrimination, typically against women, on the basis of sex. Now if i'm not mistake the remark you made was on the basis of sex that being of man which was meant to denigrate the opposite gender to make them feel uncomfortable. Now I'm unsure whether the effect you caused was intentional or not but you definitely manag
  19. I accidentally hit my "halt" bind when the Grand General was walking by,,.
  20. Splonter

    Lua Panics

    I've been getting lua panics when I try load onto the server and my game crashed some fixes I've tried are: - Lowering graphics - Verifying game cache - Factory Resetting Gmod - Being set to recruit - Completely uninstalling and reinstalling gmod - Deleting all addons Any help is appreciated!
  21. Sad to see you go, Hopefully we’ll still keep in touch.
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