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  1. Big +1, I’m surprised I haven’t responded to your app yet. Best of luck Galle!
  2. I'd like to formally apologise to anyone that I have hurt and/or inflicted a bad image or hindered their experience within the community over the past couple weeks, After reflecting I have understood that my actions and attitude within the past couple of weeks have been less then satisfactory and due to this i'd like to formally apologise to each individual that I have effected, I'll be attempting to get in contact with any of those that I have believe to effected and anyone that does not receive a message and was personally hurt by my attitude or actions please contact me. Over the past month
  3. Yeah its been a fun ride, I'll be in TS every now and again and in game. Hope you all enjoyed my events, videos n stuff that i've done for the community. Cya all. By the way, If you want my 8400 chips on Clone Wars and my 5000+ Chips on Imperial just hit me up, Might do a giveaway. EDIT: I just realised i'm leaving at my 400th post, How poetic
  4. -1, I don’t want someone in this community receiving Tier 1 after just getting banned via another community. https://empiregaming.invisionzone.com/topic/136-xane-ban-appeal/ Please explain this.
  5. Honestly it would be cool to see these as F3 Point-shop items to further customise your characters.
  6. +1, I'd like to see what you can do if given the opportunity to be an Event Master.
  7. Why are all these ‘interesting facts’ so depressing
  8. Uh, I like Soccer & Tennis. I’m a bit of a history guy, I really enjoy learning about previous conflicts n stuff such as the Medieval Era & the World Wars, been studying them for around 4 years now and have been enjoying it. I don’t really have an idea of what I want to be when I get out of school although i’m investigating joining the Police Force or ADF as a Infantry Officer. Wouldn’t want to get into a fight with Bailey from the looks of it though.
  9. As well as i’ve seen you do some questionable stuff in the past, and i’d like to see if you’ve changed since those times. Currently it doesn’t let me view your 1st event either saying I do not have access, please change this so we can view your 1st event idea. I don’t know if this is for anyone else but your 2nd event idea link is just to images? I’d also like to know more detail about your warns please. ”Anything else you would like to add: Each year the earth's insect biomass is being reduced by 2.5%, At this rate, it will be catastrophic to entire ecosystems, We
  10. You abandoned being a Clone Wars EM after only 1 week of receiving it? How do we know that you would not do this again being a T-Mod on Imperial?
  11. +1 It was a silly mistake made by Atlas and i believe he deserves a second chance, He has proven in the past to be a dedicated member to the server and I don’t believe he should be permanently banned for a mistake he has done, although the excuse of “I didn’t know” is a bit poor considering you should’ve read the rules. I believe you should be given a second chance to rejoin the community once again. Good luck Atlas!
  12. I already do that when logging onto the server, unfortunately sliding doors cannot be perma propped so every time I log onto the server I set up all the sliding doors on the garages, checkpoints etc. Hence why I also go afk at the end of the day to prevent all my dupes and sliding doors from despawning for other players enjoyment. At this current point in time I’m the only one that has been spawning in the sliding doors on checkpoints & garage, I’ll look into redesigning the garage as in my opinion its design isn’t the greatest in terms of the gates etc, I’ll attempt to if possible to
  13. Currently you can only fit a maximum of 1 LAAT at a time in the Garage, I’ll look into building a small landing pad somewhere in the military district.
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