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  1. Imperial | Regimental Competition Greetings all, Along with IHC, Rancor Battalion shall be the hosts of the upcoming Regimental Competition. The Regimental Competition shall be split off into different phases hosting a variety of different objects & courses to accomplish with the rankings being based off points. Whichever regiment accumulates the highest amount of points at the end of the competition shall be named this months Regimental Champions (At this point in time, It is unknown if this shall become a monthly competition it will rely upon the success & the
  2. If you wish to discuss your feedback please contact me, As I haven't had an interaction with you for 6 months+
  3. Thank you all for your feedback, @Sully @Ragetank I've created a new example that took me a fair while to create with some helps from others, Its a derma hud with a button and when pressed ignites all entities/objects including self(Which I can change if needed) on fire for 10 seconds(Which can also be changed) I'm currently working on some more examples such as adding more buttons with more functions. Thank you @Sterling @Rickle @Vanilla @Larko @Wombatiacus @Rook @Pickle @Luigi @Ragdig @Rivers @Lochie & @ShepardFor your support and feedback, I greatly appreciate it!
  4. Hey, I know you! Wern’t you that guy that narrated the IG Christmas Special?!?!?!
  5. Hey Tank, Thanks for your feedback. Unforunately I do not have much of a programming background (Except for some minor Java work) I spoke to Kumo and he informed me that I only needed to know the basics of Lua as I’ll learn a lot more from being in the dev team then If I wasn’t, I’m very eager to learn more about Lua and to be able to assist in IGs growth along the way via developing and helping my personal growth in knowledge of Lua would be beneficial. I’m currently working on more examples, I’m working on a derma hud button that has different functions which I’m just working out some issues
  6. Splonter's Junior Developer Application Name In-game: [Rancor Battalion] Major [CO] ARC-14 ' Splonter' Teamspeak Name: Splonter Playtime on the server: Age: 16 Programming languages you know (etc. LUA, CPP, C#, PYTHON - MUST KNOW ONE LANGUAGE): I'm currently learning Lua & GLua, I've been learning for roughly a month now but have started getting serious with it since a week ago. What type of content do you want to create for our server? I'm happy to create any content for the server, I'm still learning how to make scripts via my f
  7. I hope to still see you around Whitey, Its sad to see you depart from your community manager role as you’ve contributed so much to this community and it is a debt that can never be repaid. I thank you for all you’ve done for not only the community but myself personally you’ve had a great impact on myself as a person and my personal development. As such I want to create a video of the memories that I’ve had with you, I hope to release it soon.
  8. You’ll get your donator tag, you won’t get Dengar back as part of the TOS (Terms of Service) is that you’ll be removed from the role if you go inactive.
  9. Although @Sterling I'd like to question that Cav Pac, It looks incredibly similar to the one @Tex made, With the exact same positions or knives/pouches etc.
  10. I know you definately wouldn't... Although definitely I would never.
  11. Thought it was funny, Decided to share it with others. Those with PAC will understand this haha.
  12. Splonter

    Poker is Great

    Update: I’ve already lost most of it...
  13. Splonter

    Poker is Great

    This poker game nearly made my heart stop, It was also very rare to see Fliqqs appear to play.
  14. Didn’t realise this was up here... +1 Great guy.
  15. @Billybob1061 @TomCos @Wind @Chimp
  16. o7, I hope to still see you on Thy Kingdom of IG
  17. I recommend Proton VPN, I get 70ping and its 100% free forever.
  18. @Bailey @HappyIf you are serious about joining, hit myself or Billybob up.
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