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    Would be nice to have this model onto the server, As it would not only assist in creating more unique events but would bring a lot more opportunities for RP. LORE: http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Massiff Model Pack (Looks a lot better in game, Has unique animations): https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=760630012&searchtext=massiff
  2. It’s real sad you go, All the good times we’ve had has been amazing and you’ve given me a lot of laughs. Although I will attempt to change your mind I still hope that we can stay in touch and for you to visit ts every now and again on ts (I’ll always be there) but until then I wish you the best of luck in your future and hope the interest comes back one day. You’ve contributed tons towards the server and made hella lots of friendships, I thank you for everything you’ve not only contributed towards the IG Community but for being such a great friend to me. Farewell Brass
  3. After a lot of work the media team brings you the Chritmas Special, Thank you all for coming together to help create the video. We hope you enjoy! Special thanks to the entire media team, Demonic for the narration & poem, Bailey for the script, Rickle for directing, Kahn for the thumbnail and everyone else that assisted in the creation of the video.
  4. I'll have you know, The Media Team has finally managed to create a Christmas Special. Welcome back!
  5. Thanks for taking time out of your day and your own personally money to fund something like this, Its always nice to see the community getting together to celebrate events like this. Good luck all!
  6. I can imagine the relationships that shall be ruined with UNO... Oh so many friendships ruined from the +4...
  7. It would be difficult to find you because you'd probably be noclipped somewhere jk, I'd probs be the guy at the back looking at my watch for when its over.
  8. whos that
  9. I will miss you Bibleman, You were great to be around with whilst it lasted. You gave us all many laughs even though at the time it may not have seen like it behind the mic, We all smirked atleast once or twice. You will be remembered.
  10. Huge +1, Something like this really needs to be added it makes events a lot more enjoyable. (Like the deployable turret suggestion)
  11. Agreed, I feel you are generally a good guy evident as when I hosted an event specifically for the STs today. You listened and managed to get them in order for me when they mucked around. I feel there could be a new page for you and hope you change your ways if the ban appeal is accepted.
  12. Yeah I watched it, It was very nice! I also very much liked the credits song.
  13. But you still used 2 accounts???
  14. I'm really confused you say "I confess" then say "I wasn't alting" could you please clear up if you were or wern't because i'm getting mixed responses on whether you believe you did or didn't?
  15. Very nice and generous of you!
  16. Splonter

    Memorial Picture

    You can see me staring at the photo looking at the empty spot near the Shock Troopers from where I crashed 30 seconds before the photo F
  17. Just thought along with some of the members of the media team we'd create this short video to celebrate the milestone of 2 years of Imperial Gaming, We've come a long way as a community and I hope to see it grow and prosper more in the future! Enjoy the video!
  18. Wolf has that card dispenser thing from Solo up his sleeve, not surprised you lost.
  19. -1, I don't believe you've changed yet you've been incredibly toxic towards me and others in the past and I feel like a bit more time is required before you are allowed back into the community. Aswell as this scripting is also a big no no and is a obvious one which I feel you were definitly aware at the time of what you were doing hence the punishment that was given.
  20. I'd also like to add that the turrets can be used for many ways as you can create new and unique ideas with it with a special idea I have to have working turrets on ships.
  21. Shock 62-SKO Splonter - https://steamcommunity.com/id/Splonterino Thanks for doing the giveaway Bailey, I’d prefer the steam cards thanks as I currently already own Sins.
  22. Enjoy, This took me way longer then it should have to make. Many hours of frustrating work then finding out the video file was corrupt so I had to dodge all that. Please let me know if you like these kind of more lengthier videos!
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