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  1. Why is an army regiment being removed without the consultation/approval from anyone within AHC?

    What’s the point of having AHC if higher powers are just going to go over their heads with army changes.

    It genuinely confuses me that it’s at the point where AHC have to raise awareness to the public about their dis-approval about army changes forced by higher powers that they themselves should be the ones giving the approval for.

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  2. 1 hour ago, Pro said:

    The photos you have attached look really interesting, it is very creative and unique. I like the different concepts and designs you have for different models and it looks great. I have known you for a while and I'm sure you won't abuse it (if you do I will slap you). Keep up the great pacs and fingers crossed you get approved

    I agree, Storm would make great use of PAC3.


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  3. Hey all, I originally wasn't going to do a 4 Year Anniversary Video but decided it would be a crime to break the streak after making the 2nd and 3rd Year videos. So without delay here is the 4 Year Anniversary Video I've made which includes some of the memorable moments I've witnessed and captured whilst playing on the server. Thanks for 4 years!




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  4. 1 hour ago, wflizzi said:


    • Petty
    • Wasn't a great staff member when staff on IG and on "The Order" (I worked under his directive).
    • Biased beyond belief - A quality staff shouldn't have.

    Good luck.


    7 minutes ago, Mongo said:

    Neutral leaning towards -1

    From my experience with you, you have tended to be someone I don't put a lot of faith into in the staff scenario.

    You were demoted from EM on CW and left without any attempt and not even a month later received a 7 week ban for an offense people have been perma-banned for.

    I personally don't think you are ready to come back to the staff team let alone be a moderator. Willing to update my response if I see some positive change about you.

    A bit concerned how long you can hold down a staff position given your previous experience time spans

    Good luck.


    You left your position as EM very recently after already a short period of time being in the position. Due to this I believe it would be a bit too hasty to put you into another staff position after such a short time from your previous position. Not only this but I have at times witnessed some less then ideal qualities from you which I believe would be impactful when staffing/moderating such as tendencies of bias in how you conduct yourself whilst in previous circumstances you've seen to be short tempered and rash.

    Once I see change in how you perceive yourself amongst the community and how you choose to interact with people you are less fond of I'm willing to change my opinion, regardless I wish you the best of luck Hyperion.

    Edit: Unfortunately i've noticed that you've recieved 5 warnings which means you've exceeded the maximum warning threshold which should result in an instant denial.


    7. 5 or more warnings and your application will be denied immediately.


    Have you had any warns (If so state them)?
    I have had 5 warns altogether:

    1. RDM Date: 16th July 2018

    2. Breaking NLR Date: 24th July 2018

    3. Using racist word in admin claim Date: August 3rd 2018

    4. DC to avoid arrest September 14th 2018

    5. RDM Date: December 5th 2018


  5. I was going to hold a Navy Branch only competition but I'm happy to extend it to an IHC wide competition, it would entail the Cube Trials. It would work significantly differently from your previous competitions.

    (I would appreciate some sponsors for credit prizes if it were to go ahead)

  6. 8 hours ago, Shepard said:


    Emerald was an amazing staff member that did some dumb shiz that he's sorry for, it's been over a year and I believe he should be given a second chance as he was a great part of the community.

    Best of luck



    - Has shown remorse for his actions

    - Has been a sufficient amount of time to return to the community

    - Back when Emerald was apart of the community before he let himself slip he contributed quite significantly and was a great community member. Given Emerald is provided another chance I believe he can return to this state given a probationary period.

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  7. 7 minutes ago, Mongo said:

    Hi Splonter, since you actually refuse to talk to me when I request it  you seem to fail to mention that you were in a public hallway and an operational area on the ship, not only that there was three admins present, I asked you to stop because you where not only physgunning myself down the hallway but other people as well, instead of going to another private area of the ship to conduct your sit. Considering these circumstances, I told you to 'fuck off' because you were misusing your power to fling people down the hallway when they walked by the sit instead of conducting it in a more private location. Hope this clears y our view on this interaction and better conduct your sits in more valid parts of the ship.

    Hi Mongo, Unfortunately there are a couple parts misleading about your perspective previous warnings were given to prevent cluttering in the sit as well as the physgun was only used for a couple metres not 'flinging people down the hallway.' whilst the sit itself was not being conducted by myself I was merely a supporting staff. Regardless I find the way you chose to vent your frustrations was unprofessional and unbecoming of a staff member.

    To prevent arguments I'd be more then willing to discuss your frustrations in regards to the situation on TS whenever in order to clarify any points you may be confused about and I do look forward to more fruitful encounters that may sway my opinion and change my perspective on yourself.

    Good luck on your application Mongo, I'm free to speak about any issues you have whenever you wish to contact myself.

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  8. -1

    Hey Mongo, Thanks for applying for Event Master.

    Unfortunately at this point in time I do not feel you are fit to return to the staff team due to previous encounters and personal experience.

    Regardless this is subject to change, Best of luck!

    Edit: My most recent interaction with you less then 15 minutes ago has reinforced my current perspective on your attitude as when you were asked to move away from a staff sit you responded with 'can you fuck off.' if you wish to talk further about the incident you are welcome to contact myself although I'm disappointed as if you were to be in the staff team that kind of reaction would be unacceptable.

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  9. 4 hours ago, raza said:

    wanted to share a document with all the commanders or 2ics to have a look at, feel free to implement this to your regiment, providing you adapt it to your regiment, and get the appropriate approval, this is just a document and only recently being implemented. 
    unfortunately its in link format. but its clearly google docs 

    Seems very similar to ISC's roles that were introduced a couple months ago, nice

  10. On 10/14/2020 at 7:59 AM, Ragnar said:

    Have I not +1d this yet? Well Kippy and I go pretty far back. I remember him coming onto the server as a giant minge and joining 996th. Initially he gave me trouble but he has matured greatly during his time on the server. I have had the pleasure of watching him go from 996th to other regiments and doing well for himself. I think Kippy has the maturity and common sense to be great staff on this server.


    I like Kippy, +1

  11. +1

    - Friendly

    - Reliable (Knows how to deal with issues that arise)

    - Dedicated

    - Active

    - Hard Working + Cool headed

    Although the application itself could use more detail, Demon exemplifies excellent traits required to be a moderator whilst providing a unique skillset and attitude in which she approaches situations differently to others which often ends up in a positive outcome. Due to this I believe Demon if assisted and guided by others in the staff team could turn out to be an effective moderator and valued member of the staff team.

    Good luck!

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