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  1. Try setting all your video setting to low
  2. Make it so when someone bails another person from jail, the cops get a cut of the bail money.
  3. I’ll miss you Rivers, I hope we’ll still stay in touch via steam. You were a great commander and I wish you all the best in Year 12 and wherever life takes you after, hopefully you’ll pay us a visit every so often.
  4. Form link doesn’t work, says you require permission.
  5. +1, He did it before - he can do it again.
  6. Here is a new video released yesterday of some gameplay from the new upcoming game Star Wars: Fallen Order, I'm pretty hyped for it!
  7. When I clicked on this topic I kept on saying to myself “Please don’t be Hectic Ethnics” and when I saw the photos I was disappointed...
  8. Anything at all, cheers for hosting this1
  9. I'm not going to treat you differently
  10. Splonter


    I can confirm he has that playtime, Ever since Sinatra has been within Rancor he has been incredibly active & helpful towards the regiment, hence i’ll give this application a +1.
  11. Nah I found out it was Santos a month back lmao
  12. Ah yes my ‘prediction’ was correct...
  13. I ran that event back on EG, I usually did and came up with the weapon spawning/supply drop stuff. I remember I ran that event I made you guys defend a cargo LZ for a while on Tatooine next to the Jawa Sand Crawler
  14. That was my event lmao
  15. I've recently gotten into Knightfall and I'm really enjoying it, Especially if you like History.
  16. 10 mans happen all the time, We should setup a competition that would be fun
  17. Thank you to everyone who attended the tournament it was a blast to host along with IHC. The victors of this month's Regimental Tournament goes to Death Troopers! The overall points go as followed: Death Troopers: 9 Points ISC: 8 Points Engineers: 7 Points Shadow Troopers: 6 Points Vader's Fist: 5 Points Shock Troopers: 4 Points Government: 2 Points Riot Troopers: 1 Point The winning regiment (Death Troopers) which were on all received 5000 credits (Complimentary of donations from Theta) with the CO (Tank) receiving 10000 Credits. Along with this they get this months Regimental Trophy perma propped outside the ISB HQ. Once again, Thank you to all who participated and I look forward to next months competition (Hopefully) to compete for the trophy!
  18. Entries are now closed, if you wish to enter late please notify me. Good luck to the participants today!
  19. Yes same rules apply, and nerfs will be provided during the TDM/FFA phase
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