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  1. Yaay! They must be really happy with that Much Money to help Sick Kids I think we should say Congrats to Wolf for getting the Paypal workin'
  2. Wow but who was the man Interrogated
  3. Wha Who Whe wha Tha Wha Whe i A uhhhhhhhhh What? Is? THIS
  4. Jackson


    I think you should Keep your sh*t together, Your getting mad at a Tiny Rare occurrence and You can either Watch It or Not watch it If it happens and PK duels are Pretty Rare to see cause They are Basically a Double-Edged Sword cause 1 or the other gets PK'ed and Lose all progress, So why are you Crying over this?
  5. No I think it is gonna become a Mini Event or a Event
  6. O7 I miss IC And Fox as IC commander Wish He stayed Brigadier in IC ;-;
  7. Can any Staff remove this one Accidental Double Post @Wolf
  8. Post some Screenshots from Random Other games other than Gmod.
  9. Post some Screenshots from Random Other games other than Gmod.
  10. Oh no Chef entered The Anime Realm He is Now a Lost Cause May we play Some Funeral Songs to Commemorate this Moment
  11. I have no words /me Slowly claps
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