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  1. Dane thinks he has a plan to prevent something like this happening into he future. Now bear with me it's supercomplicatedlike. Step 1: say what u mean
  2. Demonic said ems can't rp confirmed!!! In terms of the existing ems thing. Simply tryna make a point about how whoever I quoted seemed to be making out that generic events are by necessity a bad thing. It simply means that in the case bossks event is generic it is too the same level of existing ems. And at the point his event is apparently comparable to those run by people the server apparently thinks are good at doing it this should reflect positively on the app rather than negatively like whoever was tryna make out it was
  3. That would suggest his event is comparable to that of existing ems. So either you are saying substantial amounts of existing ems are making events not up to par for this to be so standard as to be generic? Or you are suggesting Bossk's is up to par with existing ems events so since he is suggesting events of the same standard as them he should join their ranks?
  4. So you seem to be implying an RP character and em are mutually exclusive? Would you go so far as to suggest ems don't rp ic on their mains? :0
  5. +1 his rped consumption of sts whilst playing as bossk was more entertaining than half the events we have on the server. I suspect that granting him em will result in many entertaining official events
  6. "Moderators are supposed to be understanding and supportive" tbh I more thought their job description was ensuring rules were enforced aka "moderating". Anyway. From my experience with Zaspan he has demonstrated himself to be calm and level headed. He has also demonstrated a willingness to hear out multiple sides of a story when it comes to disputes. Also he isn't one of those wanky guards who tells medics to move along when they are stimming etc +1 would stim again
  7. Fuck this formatting is painful to read
  8. +1 very trustworthy and reliable. I like his events. 10/10 would poach from 442nd again
  9. +1 good bloke. Trustworthy. *Insert thick pun here*
  10. Dane

    cy@ IG

    Rip only person who supported me during troublesome times
  11. +1 from my experiences of him (recent) he has been a responsible and mature player
  12. Oh yah. Because his post was so well written and clearly portrayed him as someone who can accurately put thought to paper.
  13. So would you say it was a well written application made by someone who appears to know how to communicate properly? X: Mr moderator sir why was I warned? Mod: *gibberish* *Well run staff sit continues*
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