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  1. Dane

    F8 menu random gun

    All these things were brought to their attention multiple times. Nothing happened
  2. Dane

    F8 menu random gun

    Bruh half the issues in that post had been raised and fixed in 2018. And then apparently broken again
  3. Dane

    F8 menu random gun

    TLDR: we cant do it cos adding one checksum is gonna be what lags the server out
  4. Dane

    F8 menu random gun

    Are you telling me you guys don't know how to check a value before using it?????
  5. Dane

    F8 menu random gun

    Because you apparently failed high school maths. If: a + b = a (sub a from both sides) a + b - a = a - a b = 0 AKA if I already had something before hand. And then get given "something". And then end up with the exact same thing that I had before. Then I was in fact given nothing
  6. Dane

    F8 menu random gun

    The perk isn't actually giving you a gun. Before the perk has applied I have guns x, y and z. If after the perk I still have x, y and z with the same ammo then the perk has done fucking nothing and has not in fact given me a random weapon. Therefore the perk is not working
  7. The random gun from the F8 menu Utility Line perk can give you a gun that you already have from your loadout. AKA potentially doing nothing if you have one of the guns from the potential random gun pool. EG I have an DC-15se as part of my loadout. The perk gave me a DC-15se. Therefore the perk did not work
  8. IG has a history of ridiculous moderation of little things
  9. Defibs still buggy as fuck. Defib UI doesnt show when they are charged. Occasionally decide not to work for fuck knows why. Mt inventory apparently designed by someone who likes mashing the "2" key. Who the fuck wants to press the same key 8 times to get to the most useful part of their kit?
  10. ....... because no mt has raised this in person with any of management at all. The literal only time someone has bothered to fix shit was when kumo responded to a forums post and decided in his benevolence to fix one of the multiple issues raised
  11. That's nice. Since that's done could someone maybe fix all the MT items being in the #2 slot and maybe think about fixing defibs?
  12. So the reason I went with shields over using eng is basically because I think in general the engineers would rather be doing things other than babysit MT. A field hospital prop is nice but I think most people would rather get healed closer to the fighting
  13. Literally still having to complain about issues that were fixed in 2018....
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