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  1. Hey Guys, My time on Gmod has come to an end. I will be resigning from the management team. Apologies for leaving Santos in an unfinished state, hopefully the development team will consider finishing it down the track. I wish everyone all the best, If anyone wants to stay in touch. You'll find me on WOW classic.
  2. Approved Don't do it again.
  3. Chopz

    hypo's ban appeal

    Accepted Had a chat with Hypo on team speak. The above quote will be put into place. Hypo guarantees that he will tidy up his reputation and follow all server rules. If Hypo is warned during his probation. He will be put back on the ban list.
  4. Hi Staminarose, You will receive a more in depth response to this report when I am home. But for the time being, please upload the events leading up to when this glitch occurred. (Before you died) Thanks!
  5. Hi Guys, This coming Saturday the 8th at 6pm AEST, Imperial gaming will be launching a new server My Little Pony RP Santos RP. For those who are unfamiliar with this game mode, here are some of the key features : - Police - Gangs (Including gang territories) - Progressive crafting and skills system. - 10+ jobs to choose from - Inventory and storage system + More This server has been in development for the last 3 months, and we now feel that the server is ready to launch. That being said, there may still be minor bugs that have gone "undetected" by the development
  6. Chopz

    Quoth's Ban Appeal

    Hi Quoth, Can you please explain the below : User Yung Mula(STEAM_0:1:495194844) is bypassing a ban from STEAM_0:1:153503896 <----- Your steam ID Also:
  7. Chopz

    PAC3 & Donations

    The topic of PAC gives Ragetank PTSD. Don't worry about him ; )
  8. Hmm it works for me. Try ts3server://ts3.imperialgaming.net
  9. Try syd.streamlinegames.com:10012
  10. Hi Ana, The teamspeak server is currently online and available for users to join.
  11. Hi Droplet, In future all Sith will be reminded to follow our server rules, specifically : "In all cases, AOS (Arrest On Sight) should be used over KOS (Kill On Sight) unless Imperial High Command or high-ranking Sith such as Emperor Palpatine and Darth Vader say otherwise" However, "daring" a Sith to kill you after he tells you to move along from Vader is not an ideal way to handle the situation as well. I also don't see any clear evidence that Zaspan took his own staff claim into his own hands. This matter is now closed. If anyone has any questions or concerns feel f
  12. Chopz

    ST CL3+ !swap Command

    The Dev team are aware of this issue and are working on a fix. @Kumo
  13. I want to be a Gold IV Star Wars server owner just like my hero @Wolf
  14. Just got added, server needs a restart.
  15. Server Change Log – 15/12/2018 Hello there, This is the final change log of 2018. Big thanks to the development team and anyone else who got involved. Stay tuned to see what 2019 has in store for IG! Added · Imperial Personnel Arcade - Chess & Checkers/draughts board games - Poker tables · Quest System - General & Regimental based quests - Rewards · Currency System - Hud for Imperial Credits and po
  16. Build ISB some signal jammers jammers.
  17. The Devs are still working on a fix, hopefully won't be too much longer.
  18. Grand General, Grand Admiral, Grand Moff, ISB Chairman, Vader, Palpatine.
  19. Spying of any nature, must be approved and the guidelines must be followed. This isn't limited to ISB. E.G Grand Admiral Thrawn wants to spy on Director Krennic. He recruits a chimera trooper who understands what is being asked and knows of the punishment if caught. Grand Admiral Thrawn then follows the approval procedure as outlined in the guidelines. If approved the espionage can commence.
  20. Hello there, See below for the new rules regarding espionage on the server : Rules Recruitment There can be no forcing of individuals to engage in espionage activities, they must be recruited of their own free will. Approval Espionage activities on an individual or group lower than the rank of MJR GEN must be approved by an ISB CL5+ or a member of the Inner Circle. Espionage activities on an individual or group of the rank MJR GEN or higher must be approved by the majority of the Inner Circle. Espionage activities on an indiv
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