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  1. Chopz

    Engineer Work

    Build ISB some signal jammers jammers.
  2. Chopz

    Quests System

    The Devs are still working on a fix, hopefully won't be too much longer.
  3. Chopz

    Just clearing things up

    Grand General, Grand Admiral, Grand Moff, ISB Chairman, Vader, Palpatine.
  4. Chopz

    Just clearing things up

    Spying of any nature, must be approved and the guidelines must be followed. This isn't limited to ISB. E.G Grand Admiral Thrawn wants to spy on Director Krennic. He recruits a chimera trooper who understands what is being asked and knows of the punishment if caught. Grand Admiral Thrawn then follows the approval procedure as outlined in the guidelines. If approved the espionage can commence.
  5. Chopz

    {IG} Espionage Guidelines

    Hello there, See below for the new rules regarding espionage on the server : Rules Recruitment There can be no forcing of individuals to engage in espionage activities, they must be recruited of their own free will. Approval Espionage activities on an individual or group lower than the rank of MJR GEN must be approved by an ISB CL5+ or a member of the Inner Circle. Espionage activities on an individual or group of the rank MJR GEN or higher must be approved by the majority of the Inner Circle. Espionage activities on an individual or group within the Inner Circle must be approved by all other Inner Circle members. General The maximum time that an espionage activity can be active for is one week. If your individual is caught, they are eligible for any punishment. A document must be signed with everybody involved in espionage activity outlining the specific mission, risks involved and any other information. At the conclusion of the espionage activity the persons who approved it must be informed of the results and the individual recruited must be told to stand down.
  6. The Development team have been working hard the past few weeks on implementing a new quest system for the server. Today it goes live on the server. The quest NPC is located in the logistic center, to accept a quest simply line up and press e on the npc and choose a quest. Most quests are timed and you will be rewarded upon completion of the quest with Imperial credits. These credits are used in Role play and in future will be used for trading, placing hits, gambling and other RP reasons. Do not attempt to abuse the quest system, and please report any bugs to the staff team. No quests are to be accepted while the Defcon is less than or equal to 3. One more note is that the model for the NPC will be updated soon. Have fun! -Chopz
  7. Chopz

    Arcturusious's PAC3 Tier One Application

    +1 Trustworthy
  8. Chopz

    Blaster's Ban Appeal

    Did you not admit to alting on this forum topic?
  9. Chopz

    Wind's T-Mod Re-application

  10. Chopz

    Hammer's Tier 2 PAC3 Application

    +1 Loyal, friendly member of the community, Works on Pacs for other users. IMO deserves tier 2.
  11. Chopz

    Warlock's Ban Appeal

    Approved Welcome back to the server! Please brush up on the server rules before logging on.