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  1. Bump. Nothing new as of yet. Haven't gotten any new ideas on what to bring to the table. Might re-do the Gonk Droid PAC I did a while ago. As I found out that I forgot to save it.
  2. I'm surprised I haven't given this a +1 Still miss the Purge Ranger squad though. But without a doubt, you are very active within the community and very experience with PAC. I hope you get Tier 2 mate! Best of luck!
  3. Bump (Hopefully I counted correctly, time isn't always my strong suit, lol.) Minor update to my PAC Templar! But I also would love to say, thank you all for your amazing support! But please, if there is anything you can help me out with let me know! I'd be more than happy to get any type of help, be it a -1, neutral or +1 / criticism, suggestion or advice! Edit: Here is the document of Templar conducted by 'Kaat' hopefully, i'm allowed to post this. If not please tell me ASAP and I'll remove the link. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1tpbk7xLLVcP4V2UR7cfvHQE-i8hkgenvtZEqClw12Uo/edit#
  4. Bump. Haven't made anything new, unless you count the mass Droid PAC with a minor Templar edit.
  5. +1 to this as well, a very mature yet can still have fun person, not to mention his PACs are pretty kick ass in my opinion! Good luck mate!
  6. Bump (Hopefully I counted correctly) Thank you for the duly note, Mongo! V
  7. Happy to be here, even though I've been on the fourms ever since 2017, but just never made alot of posts aside from the few post I made for addon suggestions and such.
  8. Hello everyone! I realize after being apart of this community for so many years (Made this account back in 2017) I had never properly introduced myself. Alot of people refer to me as just Nate for short, I like to see myself as a "positive" person just wanting to have fun and do lot for this community, I still recall the time when I first joined around 2017, back when Chimera Squad, Shadow Troopers, Stalker Troopers and Royal Storm troopers were a thing, good times, but even now this server is one of the most active AUSTRALIAN servers, I've been on. I wouldn't lie, trying to come up things
  9. While I agree with what Yuri said, it'd be nice to see a little more detail, but damn I do love these PACs. However, as anyone would of said as well. We all would like to see some more PAC examples to see how much you're growing. +1
  10. Bro, you sure you're applying for Tier 1 PAC? +1
  11. +1 I really like how unique these PAC examples are, especially the Imperial Soldier-turned Engineer weapon. You got talent mate.
  12. I wish you the best of luck Dirthi, we're gonna miss ya mate.
  13. Bump. haven't made any new PAC examples as of yet. Once I get an idea on one (Be it upgrading a already made PAC or a new PAC) I'll let post a new one. [EDIT: Just uploaded a new basic PAC and a V2.2 edit of another PAC, check them out, and if you have any advice/criticism let me know! I am keen to learn!] [EDIT 2: Not going to make another post due to me already making a bump, but I will post something I just had finished doing, major thanks to @SiegeMonkey for the assistance!]
  14. Wow, another PAC this is more simple however, though I hope you will like it.
  15. Steam Name: [IG] Nate/Zunn SteamID32: [U:1:86943046] Steam Profile Link: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198047208774 In Game Name: XIV-XII 'Templar' (RIP Loyalist - A loyal soldier till the very end) Time Played Imperial RP: 7w 1d 3h 22m Time Played Imperial RP Evidence Have you used PAC3 Before? Yes Why should you be trusted with PAC3? I wish to expand on my knowledge of PAC then I currently know. As of right now, I know very little aside from basic events, material changing (Sub-materials or custom materials I have
  16. Heya everyone, i'm deciding to cancel my PAC application for the reason that i have lost motivation on doing PAC. While i did enjoy "Attempting" doing PAC, i can understand it just wasn't for me and i would of be wasting a slot if i was accepted in. As i had no experience with PAC. While others have said that they would help me get better at PAC once i got PAC in game so they could instruct me on how to use PAC better, it seems that you have a better chance to get in if you had prior experience (Check Accepted/Pending Applications for examples) While i appreciate the support you all have given
  17. I will give this a +1 but a problem rises with how inactive BHs are since, no one really wants to pay a sh*t ton of money to play them, and then later leave BH.
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