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  1. Yea, speaking of DIO, DIO is your best bet to get into INF. As well there isn't a really active DIO, seeing how the latest and longest DIO was only on for 35 days, meanwhile the other INFs are like 100+ days.
  2. That'll proberly happen Bailey, sooner or later. Which might put a bad effect on the person who created the post. Prob best to lock it now then ever IMO.
  3. I'd have to agree with Rook and splonter here, your best bet is to just wait, or seeing how you want to become Inferno. I recommand becoming some sort of ISB member or ISC to train in one of those two areas, as Inferno do of course fly, and also help out with ISB related stuff. So when you do get the chance to join INF, you are ready for it. (Or you could just do a me and become a IT-O droid and attach yourself to ISB for RP purposes and stuff) I hope these messages help you.
  4. I may be really late (Since by the time this message was posted, it is a wednesday for me) But yea, i remember you being a amazing CO of ST, and it was amazing how all the STs fell in line. I'm going to miss you my guy, even if we haven't talked alot. Sincerly - Nate
  5. Bump (Just realise it's been like almost 2 months since last comment posted)
  6. Hey all, since the server is getting more players recently (Due to the other server going down) FPS seems to be a bit of an issue. While browsing the steam workshop, i came across this, from the looks of it, it can boost FPS up too 200. But i'm not quite sure, just need opinions about this atm. Link > https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1762151370&searchtext= Yours truly Nate.
  7. +1 to this fam, we all know all good sith bois require the best useage of the PAC3 system. Better immersion overall 10/10
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