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  1. Hey all, since the server is getting more players recently (Due to the other server going down) FPS seems to be a bit of an issue. While browsing the steam workshop, i came across this, from the looks of it, it can boost FPS up too 200. But i'm not quite sure, just need opinions about this atm. Link > https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1762151370&searchtext= Yours truly Nate.
  2. +1 to this fam, we all know all good sith bois require the best useage of the PAC3 system. Better immersion overall 10/10
  3. +1 To this, amazing pacs my guy! I don't believe i have had full conversations with you. But from this PAC on how detailed it is. I can tell you're a respectful guy, professional, and mature. I hope you get PAC in the future my guy!
  4. +1 Mongo is a really amazing guy, saw some of his PACs on the Clone Wars server. He is also very mature and a respectful guy. Someone you can talk too. And as Sully stated above, he is hands down trustworthy 100%. Hope for the best for you, Mongo! Nate
  5. Okay sweet jesus my guy, that's a lot of PACs. This is a legit BIG +1 they're all amazing and as stated above by others. I have met you in game before and you're a really respectful guy, mature and your PACs are just...just amazing so much i can't pick a favorite because they're all soooooo good! Hope for the best for you!
  6. I'll also be giving this a +1, i have met you before when you have been on, you're a nice guy to talk to every now and then when nothing is happening in the SD. You're mature. Respectful. And as reasons stated by Wombat and others, your PACs are amazing, can't wait to see IC to make comeback!
  7. I was about to give this a +1 due to all of the positive feedback, but i'll be giving this a nuteral. Due to the simple face as stated above. You are a respectful guy no doubt. But everyone including yourself can agree, taking something then claiming it is yours is a big fat no.
  8. +1 reasons stated above! I personally really like the PAC Vehicles, sooo creative and a new sight, just imagine that within the game itself. No doubt people would swarm to look at your master peice of a PAC3 Creation! Now i don't believe i haven't met you, due to both of us being in different parts of the map (Due to regiments) but i can tell from your application and pictures you are a really respectfull guy, like how many others in this comment are saying above. I hope the best for you! - Nate
  9. +1 to this as well! I've known Ares for a while. He's a very good guy, respect too. He is also in my eyes are really good commander, so having PAC by his side will greatly help to put immersion not only in everyday enouncters but also makes his high ranking prescene known like other high ranking PAC users.
  10. +1 to this application @Stubzyyou have amazing PACs the amount of immersion this gives off is like a chain reaction. I hope this gets accepted my guy. Because not only that, but you are also a very respectful guy in sith and everyone around you. Love that last PAC example though, Lmao.
  11. I too give this a BIG +1, the PAC i really like the most was your Noxu Riot PAC. And not to mention you're going out of your way to help others in need or just doing it for fun for your friends. You have my respect!
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