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  1. Hello everyone, as you know I have been commander for nearly a week now and I would like feedback on the performance of my regiment, individual members of my regiment and myself. Any complaints/praise about my regiment should be posted here as well, I will reply to all of them. Thanks to anybody who takes the time to leave feedback/complaint.
  2. Welcome to imperial gaming! We hope you enjoy your time here!
  3. To all that see this, Ainsley is a fantastic member of the community with great rp skills and a good sense of humor. +Rep I would advise trying to get him into your regiment. Legend
  4. Wow that's a long post, you make many good points. Thanks
  5. Wow that's a long post, you make many good points. Thanks
  6. The idea is to only let in the best. We may change it but that was our initial idea
  7. Ah cheers mate, don't know the acronyms. I'd be happy to hold tryouts for you
  8. Let's hope I succeed with my endeavor, as I said any tips would be nice. Can you please let me know what failed when you tried? That would be appreciated Cheers, Tom
  9. Hello everyone, my name on the server is Alpha but you can call me Tom on the site. I have recently purchased the commander rank for terror Troopers, in order to revive the regiment and make it great. I acknowledge that I don't have the most experience as commander and I vow to keep an open mind if anyone has suggestions or tips for me. If you see me doing something that you believe I am doing wrong, let me know so I can rectify it. As I said I am quite new to managing a regiment. With that out of the way, Terror troopers are an elite assassin regiment, in our arsenal we have a gra
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