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  1. (Before i begin i would like to apologize for the lack of correct spelling and or grammar as i am dyslexic) During basically every off ship even including the one that is happening right now i have noticed the server has been crashing consistently, I would like to surgest a second server used for events as i have seen other servers do so. With a second server, a event server the EM/staff team could: 1) change the map ahead of time getting it up and running without having the risk of half the server not coming back on for the night 2) Have the EC's come on the server and get them se
  2. Yeah the current jetpacks makes you drop like a rock when you have low FPS, with the hover ability we will be able to use them properly in events
  3. As a jump trooper it is our job to be extremely mobile scouts/snipers but to be honest our current jet pack is good but it does have room for improvement. First of all when there a bunch of us on during an event i can imagine the particle effects would attribute to some of the lagg so removing the smoke trail and fire would be a good idea. Second when we do have the jet packs but don't need to fly, making a small jump makes the jet pack go so i was thinking of having a toggle? so you can turn it on and off at will. Lastly i can understand they are very loud and annoying so if possible we could
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