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  1. (Before i begin i would like to apologize for the lack of correct spelling and or grammar as i am dyslexic) During basically every off ship even including the one that is happening right now i have noticed the server has been crashing consistently, I would like to surgest a second server used for events as i have seen other servers do so. With a second server, a event server the EM/staff team could: 1) change the map ahead of time getting it up and running without having the risk of half the server not coming back on for the night 2) Have the EC's come on the server and get them set up 3) reduce waiting time as all props and EC's could be ready by the time the main chunk of the playerbase loads in 4) Host events for individual regiments and or regiment types for example having pilot events where they can go in and fight rebel ships or event for more stealthy regiments to sneak into places and steal Intel which could be use for a next event If it is possible to have names, ranks and regiments to transfer over to another server i believe it could be a good addition to IG Thank you for reading ~Officer C [CT-2434] VF "Hunt"~
  2. Was of the 4th page, just gonna bump
  3. +1 Good commander, Friendly, Trustworthy
  4. +1 Very kind, trustworthy, friendly and responsible. Also pls go back to MHC you where the only active one
  5. Yeah the current jetpacks makes you drop like a rock when you have low FPS, with the hover ability we will be able to use them properly in events
  6. As a jump trooper it is our job to be extremely mobile scouts/snipers but to be honest our current jet pack is good but it does have room for improvement. First of all when there a bunch of us on during an event i can imagine the particle effects would attribute to some of the lagg so removing the smoke trail and fire would be a good idea. Second when we do have the jet packs but don't need to fly, making a small jump makes the jet pack go so i was thinking of having a toggle? so you can turn it on and off at will. Lastly i can understand they are very loud and annoying so if possible we could make it more silent? EDIT: Suggested by pinejack https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=918344876
  7. +1 VERY TRUSTWORTH. Amazing guy. 10/10 IGN
  8. [neutral] We share the same name in game yet i have never seen you. Next time you are online look for the JT SGT Also neutral because like i said i have never seen you so i dont know anything about you other then what others have said here
  9. PLEASE NOTE THAT I AM NOT THE PFC HUNTER IN THE MEDIC REGIMENT I AM THE JT Colonel Before i get started i would like to apologise for any grammar mistakes or spelling mistakes. I am dyslexic but i am always trying to improve my grammar and spelling What is your In-game name: Hunter Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:69269954 Steam link: http://steamcommunity.com/id/Cosmonautz/ Play time: 1 week 2 days Have you used PAC Before: Yes i have used PAC in the past. To be fair it has been a while but i still know the basics plus its not hard to watch tutorial videos on you tube and learn. I will make sure i know 100% what i am doing before i attempt to do something. Why should you be trusted with PAC (1 Paragraph): Coming from my old SWRP community where i was a commander i was a little mingy at first but after playing here a while i finally found a regiment that suited me. I can be silly at times but i do not ming. I can be trued with PAC because i will NOT abuse it, And because i only want to use it for RP, I am committed to this amazing community and i want to make myself apart of it. If i where to abuse it i would not argue and or get upset when it is taken away,. Why do you want PAC (1 Paragraph): Because i want to enhance the RP experience for myself and for others around me. I am not really interested in using it to "Make myself look cool" More so to make myself more lore friendly. With PAC i can have the ability to no longer have my weapons vanish into thin air when i put it away and enhance my pose and or animation(s). Also during RP situations it would be helpful to create a PAC i can load up when a certain situation arise. Doing tryouts? I could make a PAC where i am taking down notes on the people attending tryouts things along those lines. Also as a jump trooper when there is no event on or training there isn't much to do so i was thinking using PAC i could create my own passive rp from time to time, Of course it wouldn't be anything too major where it would just get in peoples way. Why do you deserve PAC (1 Paragraph): Because i want to make my RP experience better as stated before i no longer Ming not that i even did much to begin with. I also believe i deserve PAC because i would like to create custom poses that i can share with others on the server. I am currently of the rank of OC in jump troopers. Lore wise jump troopers had a filter attached by pipes on there chest, I would like to attempt to create a PAC i can share with other people in the regiment who also have access to PAC so we look more lore friendly.
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