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  1. If he actually plays our Server I'll delete the forums.
  2. I gave you the normal pog emote on here and the Dirthi pog emote in the discord, shit for brains.
  3. I know you're a GMod gamer when you've got an EK Studios meme as your pfp. Welcome back.
  4. Its ok pal, 985th is here for you.
  5. Shitpost so I'm locking this. Secondly, not even a funny shitpost.
  6. LESSSSSGOOOO. Hol up, lemme find my archives.
  7. Do I get chocolate sent to me irl or what, cos I’ll break out the archives.
  8. Bullshit, how do I get involved, I was CFP once.
  9. Time and time again you people prove we can’t have nice things. I’m locking this thread. Clover was pressured by COMPNOR to give you a max punishment, which he didn’t do (as far as I’m aware) and had stated so higher up in the thread. You then called out his grammar, alongside a “you mad” response when you’re the one who was abusive over the demotion. @cornelius @Banana You both are to blame as well with lines such as “cringe” and “dude really wrote a whole essay”. Really disappointing from everyone involved here.
  10. stormtroopers copied fortnite anywaay, nova are unioque!11
  11. pls dont go and spam downvote multiple posts from these guys, just downvote em here
  13. You had to pay him? He should be paying you to bring back such a glorious specimen of a regiment.
  14. No, more stuff like this, no NSFW 🔫
  15. maybe im blind but i can't see it being nsfw, cool stuff mate.
  16. But like, aren’t all the inquisitors meant to be dead? And inferno squad aren’t meant to be a thing. for legal reasons this is a joke and it’s poking fun at his first q pog
  17. You posted this twice accidentally, I’ve gone ahead and hidden the other one. Welcome back to the community.
  18. Goodbye Crofty, you were a decent EM big fella.
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