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  1. Large Chicken Big Mac Meal, sprite for the drink w/ no ice. Ya'll need to learn.
  2. I'm just addicted to meth, I can't get it off my mind.
  3. Ice is methamphetamine, duh.
  4. @Wolf Do you remember this young man?
  5. My favourite ‘regiment’ would have to be the Alpha ARC Troopers. They really showed a lot of uniqueness as Clones before any other clone did and they did it a decent amount before the Clone Wars show. I still think it’s an unhealthy role to have “ARC Troopers” in the Server since they create a power imbalance and superiority complex, but I can’t say they’re not pretty fucken cool
  6. straw 1 hole ur girlfriend dumb
  7. Different game, barely a community either, its like 30 dudes. I don't think we're losing out on much by telling people "Hey, if you wanna play Arma Clone Wars like you've been asking about for Months, here you go."
  8. Hello IG, So recently I've heard around the community that people are wanting to bring back the Clone Wars Arma 3 StarSim that we had a while ago which was led by Fliqqs and Isaiah. It eventually fizzled since they both got burnt out of zeus'ing the missions and no one else actually had that much experience in mission making for the style of mission. Its been gone for a few years now, and the reason it hasn't come back is partly because we still don't have many zeuses within the community and those that do know what they're doing are in the 985th Mechanized Assault Infantry. For example @
  9. ONLY got a 91.5, this cunt. Bro I’m not even willing to share mine
  10. I swear there's been like 5 of these posts within the last 2 weeks, please stop spamming the forums with different thoughts about the Medical Trooper, we understand you're not happy with your current loadout.
  11. I haven't played in a while, so forgive me if this is slightly ignorant to the current situation. The problem with medics is that, even when targetted, the sheer amount of health and healing you're able to apply to yourself and others in a small amount of time (especially when using the bacta nade) was absolutely insane and counter-intuitive to making the Events more fun for the rest of the regiments aboard the ship. Now, at the moment, you are slightly underpowered, you are right, the defibs have you stand still for 5 seconds while it revives the person, this is to stop drive-by rev
  12. I can't believe this show was so good and then they fucking ruined it. Oh also rip the map, good luck with it, I'm sure you'll do well Cracked my boy.
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