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  1. He's got a cup of jasmine tea
  2. Hint as to what my PAC is gonna be also
  3. Sounds good. Rodian Trickster Aang incoming
  4. So Pastebins are cool for the outfit throughout the day, but not in the competition? Just clarification for other members of the community.
  5. Forums should be 100% wholesome all the time.
  6. I like how much you’ve put into this, ending was unique too :)
  7. In regards to discovering new music I just listen to stuff that the boys have been listening to as well as check out my ‘for you’ pages on Itunes and Spotify. Back in the day when I played Poseidon Lebofly showed me “Oh Wonder” and recently I heard their song “Technicolor Beat” again and I’ve been listening to them.
  8. BRO WHO GETS ANGRY AT A f**kING GAME? said by Tinky while he was yelling lmao
  9. Mental Health Month is October but Mental Health Awareness Month is May. So we get 2 out of 12 Months, I'll take it.
  10. I upvoted it because there is no hug react, if there was I would give you that one. Thank you for the kind words Dirthi.
  11. Hello Imperial Gaming, I was and still am very reluctant to make this post because I feel like it is far too personal and difficult to understand for many of you who haven't really been around it before in your life. But as I write this sentence, I realise that you eventually will be around people (if you aren't already) who struggle with mental health or don't understand it properly. Nonetheless, I'd like to jump in to the post before I end up deleting it and not posting it for the sixth or seventh time this Month. Mental health is something many struggle with, particularly young men between the ages of 13 - 25 (essentially our entire playerbase) because as much as it is becoming more and more widely accepted it is something that is still taboo subconsciously and is hard for men especially to talk about because we're expected to man up and be tough. Something that not many people know is that in Australia suicide is the biggest killer of people aged between 15 - 44 with Males 3x more likely to take their own life and 5x more likely to attempt to. Now, this doesn't mean that Men experience more issues than Women, it is just that it is harder for Men to talk about it with their friends and family because of the 'man up' stigma that surrounds mental health with Men. This is not to say that Women should be ignored either, in every 100,000 people 5.7 women take their own lives as well. It is an epidemic and something we need to speak about with each other. As someone who as recently attempted to take my own life in early September of this year (which is the first I'm mentioning it in the public light). I wanted to make this post to tell people that as much as I'm still trying to wrap my head around how much I hate myself and who I am as a person, it does get better, slowly. It is ok not to be ok, and if you're ok, its fine, but I implore everyone to make sure the people around them are ok, even if you don't like them, there are some within the community I know who do not like me, as well as people that I'm not too fond of myself, but I do not wish harm on anyone within our community and our 'family' of sorts. To the person reading this, I hope you are ok. It is mental health Month and if you're not, now is the perfect time to seek help from a professional. I love you, no matter who you are or the relationship we've had in the past. Stay safe, happy and healthy. http://mentalhealthmonth.wayahead.org.au/ This was very hard for me to post because it is very near and dear to me, I'd appreciate it if people took the post seriously and genuinely made sure others around them are ok.
  12. Halo: Combat Evolved was my first game I ever played. I used to love that game.
  13. By the 10th Anniversary I'll have 20k posts on this forum. Trust.
  14. Bailey

    Guten Tag!

    Welcome back. Good to see some Clone Wars players returning home.
  15. No metadata, obvious +1 from me man. Just don't mess it up again and we'll be peachy. Opinion is subject to change. I wish you luck with your application.
  16. Not even ARURF either, its just flat URF with picks and bans. That's hype. I don't think I'm hyped for league mobile but I am excited for TFT on the mobile.
  17. Oh dang. Still gonna be interesting to see anyway, will be something enjoyable to test out.
  18. GMod was released on December 24th, 2004. It'll be 15 the day before Christmas :).
  19. I don't think they're gonna make any champ strictly melee unless its a tank, like Braum etc.
  20. Hello IG, as many of you may know, League of Legends and RIOT as a company are hit their 10th anniversary as a game and as a company today and have released an update video with a whole sh*t load of updated and changes as well as additions to the Riot company roster in regards to games. I'll link the video below, but if you'd like to see what has been confirmed so far, just check the spoiler below. Many of you may be excited to see a genre of game you're familiar with added to the League of Legends world. Below you can find a video which cuts out most of the talking stuff and just shows the important stuff with Yassuo (league of legends streamer) reacting to it. I wanted to share this because it looks exciting and I'm glad League of Legends is expanding as a whole.
  21. Its a very fun game. Could have some game nights.
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