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  1. I do not have a full list on hand, you are trying to pick apart small parts of the argument rather than take the post on as a whole and it isn't working. Each of these posts you are making can (and should be) consolidated into one longer response. This point is moot, we are not debating whether or not I am a bad person or whether or not I am innocent in this situation, we are debating whether or not YOU should be allowed back into the community, the evidence I brought to light shows why you shouldn't be allowed back. It could be called slander if it wasn't true, on top of this, its known as libel since it is a post rather than something that has been spoken. Secondly, attempting to ironically call me mature does not help your case, it shows that you're not ready to come back. I have only asked staff members to -1 this application within the response to it, which in of itself is a giant -1. I will not go out of my way to get staff members to leave responses on this application, since at the moment its just you and myself.
  2. You had the name "cats suck" after seeing my post on Facebook (which I then promptly blocked you on). You also knew that this cat meant a lot to me, being older than I am, and you knew that, especially on that day I would be emotional and you went out of your way to do so, which you admit in your post. Of all the things you could defend yourself on, this isn't one of them. Stay banned.
  3. Personal discord or not, you still said these things about me with malicious intent and with little to no prompting. Yes, you are correct that I lied about making an alternate account and joining your Discord, which was in your teamspeak channel description at the time, but that's not what is up for debate, what is up for debate is whether or not you should be welcomed back to the community. The answer is no, you should not be welcomed back. On top of this, you haven't addressed the other evidence provided because there is nothing to say, you are not a good person.
  4. -1 Khronos / Chubbs / Toxicity, whatever you go by now. You should never be unbanned from Imperial Gaming, you are not a kind person, nor are you a person that understands change, and without punishment you will never understand why what you said and what you did is bad. You have apologised on countless occasions and spoke about how you "Want to change" and you're "Not really like this". But each time, whether lying to me, or yourself, you lie. You do not have any desire to change who you are, and it may be fine in your case and within your friendship circles, but here on Imperial Gaming, it is not. Outside of all of this, all you constantly do is shit talk the community and its Staff/Management Team, of which you have friends within. You go out of your way to attack and belittle not only myself, but other members of the IG Community as well. Not even a Month ago, you joked about the death of my cat FOUR HOURS after she was put down, no sympathy, no remorse, nothing. You did it because you thought it was funny and didn't care how I felt. I at the time, was livid, I wanted to do a lot of things that I won't name for the sake of brevity in this post. I don't like you, I'd even go as far as to say I hate you. That, however, will not stop me from laying out facts and explaining why you shouldn't be unbanned now and never should be unbanned in the future. The only reason you want to come back is so you can shit talk the community all the while being on the Teamspeak. I know this because you have your own Teamspeak, and if you were content with just playing games with your friendship group, you'd stay there and you wouldn't ever look back to Imperial Gaming, but you don't. Hence, I come to the conclusion that the underlying reason for this appeal is so you can stir more chaos and try and mess with a community that gave you too many chances to become a better person. Below there is some evidence, alongside this evidence, Khronos has also made three alternate accounts on the forums and each time has not let myself or Management know, each time he has been banned. This time he has been allowed an unban to post a Teamspeak / Forums ban appeal. I implore each and every Staff Member to -1 this joke of an appeal. Above is personal, here comes the evidence I have compiled over our three or so Months of being at odds with each other, some will come with explanations, other will just come with captions because there is no need for an explanation, it is quite obvious. https://gyazo.com/140feec368d1d9e685b062b6f0d2bb8d - This first image is you (not even 24 hours ago) XD'ing at the fact that the Community Owner is stepping down. The post was hidden by me and then deleted by Zaspan. Firstly, this is you breaking the terms of your forums unban. Secondly, it is also you laughing at someone who has done a lot for the community stepping down. https://gyazo.com/1688fc36f4c103baef5f80cd8c07fca1 - This image is me speaking to Cecil about you being toxic on the forums, saying in Japanese "Please stop talking" while a discussion was going ahead, another, admittedly small thing you've done to show that you don't deserve to be in the community. - These images are you personally attacking me by changing your Teamspeak channel names to "Bailey is a marshmallow man fat cunt." and other insulting things while I was at work. I was supplied these images by members of the community who noticed at the time. https://gyazo.com/6beac53cb62ba0214b439e4a2d2c27ca - "Bailey is a loser." https://gyazo.com/7b7d485373ba79dff20e6fb0bb3bd3a4 - "First word that you think of." "Bailey" https://gyazo.com/49032ccb8b28782342f59297beae2d89 - "YEAHHH Bailey" https://gyazo.com/e727021fdb359f0105e9110d879cbb36 - This is you joking about editing a photo and sending it to me, all the while calling me a fat cunt. https://gyazo.com/4d827797ab46b79f53f2de57aedec14f - "Have another big mac you fat cunt Bailey." This is three Months worth of evidence that I compiled in all of about 10 minutes. On top of all of this, this appeal is a joke, it is terribly written, wreaks of irony and is littered with lies veiled as an apology, especially in regards to my cat. From the bottom of my heart, I hope you stay banned, and I truly hope you do eventually change, but you won't, and you haven't. Regards, - Bailey
  5. A reminder that only Staff Members, as well as the appealing person may comment on ban appeals.
  6. I'm gonna miss you my son. It has been a long time coming, but it still stings a bit.
  7. Sorting out the donation store is a pretty high priority at the moment, but as @Cecil has just inherited Owner there's a lot of stuff to go through, please be patient. For now, buying credits is pretty much 'supporting the server'. Thanks.
  8. So what you're telling me is....Sky is the best 275th Regiment? That's what I'm hearing boys. Pack it up. RIP but, you did your best, best to enjoy yourself over trying to force something.
  9. Oh you’re sorted. Thought you noticed, log into the Server and get a staff member to set you. Speak to Misahu above and get put in the discord.
  10. I'll speak with Cecil about it, but you should be sorted out tomorrow.
  11. In the transfer credits section, transfer the 70 credits to - 76561198101151461 That is the Community Manager's SteamID64, once that's done I'll speak with @Cecil and we'll get you sorted out mate.
  12. Firstly, send a photo of it real quick. Secondly, probably good to speak to Management about this mate. @Cecil and @zaspan should be able to help you.
  13. Light the signal fires. Assemble the Horde. We return to Rishi. @Jay Lamar
  14. Bailey

    hello there

    Welcome back young man.
  15. Bailey

    ISB in the Navy

    Do Navy get to write a report now? Is this like an eye for an eye thing? You logged into their console so they write a report about some rebels?
  16. I have edited the post since you made the poll public, I have removed the results and set the results to the previous positives / negative numbers, being 26 - 5, anyone who votes from here on out's name can be seen. I have removed public polls as an option on the forums for users, please do not do it again, especially after others have voted. Thanks, - Bailey and the Forums Team
  17. gang shit bro INFP-T for life.
  18. Hey IG, Recently I have been thinking about myself and who I am and who I want to be. Not that any of you really care about that anyway, but when doing this I came across this nice website called 16 Personalities that you can help with who you are objectively (well as objectively as you take the test). It didn't really give me what I wanted, but I thought it would be nice to share it with the community. You don't have to share your results or anything, but I really thought it could be nice to share with you all. https://www.16personalities.com/ Here is mine I guess, I wouldn't call myself a mediator tbh, just what they called it. Its basically 'You don't like people but you can talk to them somehow.' Enjoy or something, I don't know.
  19. Within 4 hours of launch* Fuckin nerds.
  20. Hey IG, Been a while since I shared a video or anything on the forums, so here's this. Its just a short film captured in BF2's engine using motion capture, looks real good and gives us a more evil side of the Ewoks (though, we all know they're evil as fuck anyway.) Enjoy.
  21. Locked. User has left the Community and no longer wishes to continue his application.
  22. Bailey

    Just a Take

    Staff lifting up staff rn.
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