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  1. The spice saffron is more expensive per gram than gold.
  2. Bailey

    E11 scopes

    @Twist you are TFA man I think
  3. HAHA, I remember this. I think I reuploaded it for the original guy because he got rid of it. Cool that you're still thinking about me tho x
  4. hey, i never said id play it for long
  5. Bailey

    How to: Drugs!

    There's a part of me that considers hiding this so people have to find out in RP.
  6. Heat. Substance Painter @Banks?
  7. Bailey


    RDR2 is goat'ed.
  8. Bailey

    yet another one.

    subtitles cos my ears dont work thx
  9. They always come back.
  10. im going to ban you for shitposting
  11. +1 - As long as the member who posts actually leaves a reason and actually adds to the appeal rather than "+1 agreed".
  12. ill return, inevitably fail miserably because I'm used to gta combat now, then disappear again.
  13. Its uhh, better than nothing.
  14. Oh awesome a KOTOR remake. ps5exclusive:(
  15. will never compare to Deathaxx's clips
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