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  1. no way theyd troll that hard but
  2. Good luck my friend, its been good having you.
  3. On a serious note, more GMod players, that’s all it really was, there was more people on the game, it wasn’t better, it wasn’t ground breaking RP, there was just more people around. It’s unfortunate. If we can hold until S&box that may eventually return, but I do not see it being likely until then.
  4. Got a whole ass gun nerfed into the ground with that one, and I’d do it again.
  5. dont watch special if you not mentally all g in the h.
  6. I featured this cos poggers
  7. Hot choccy with skim milk. Basically any tea with or without milk, most are nice
  8. Hi Jon I'm Bailey
  9. I skimmed through it and saw "Mr. Mungus", this guy.
  10. Still waiting on the art for the Minecraft banner first, you can get benefactor after I get that.
  11. Like a dumbass I decided to stop taking my medication after I missed a few days, was a little wonky but I think I’m finally passed the bad stuff.
  12. To say I'm disappointed is a bit of an understatement, this post which comments and brings light to International Pride Month is just filled with so much I've had to expunge or hide because its either ignorant, stupid or just downright hateful. I've left some up because they aren't necessarily bad, just a bit ignorant is all. Do the people from the ADF need more days and time dedicated to them, their mental health and remembering the brave things they have done and continue to do for this Country? Absolutely. As someone who works with them daily I am fully aware of the struggles they face
  13. Just to comment on this, the loadouts are pretty strong, but in that same instance, they aren’t as strong as what many other servers have them as, and on top of that, it still requires a lot of work to get anything to shit on others. You still need to grind to get $$$ to get tnt or wither skulls to raid, etc. we’re obviously trying to make it worth our time as a community revenue wise as well as trying to make it worth it for people to actually buy the rank. Most of the really OP shit or the rare stuff is won via KOTH or the loot structures around the map.
  14. Idk where you heard that, I think we considered it but I don’t think there is a cap. @Guskywalker please say smth.
  15. Attack on Titan, and even then that’s because of the story, the medium of Anime really annoys me. Overdone facial expressions, etc. just takes me out of it. AoT had a good enough story that I decided to watch it even though I didn’t like the way it was presented.
  16. Imperial Gaming was built on different beliefs, ideals and people from all walks of life coming together to celebrate our enjoyment of Star Wars and to play a bit of Garry’s Mod while we’re at it. Now, because of this, we do often get some bad apples who make our community seem less welcoming than it is supposed to be, so this post, with the approval from Cecil was made to let those who are apart of the LGBTQ+ community that all of us at Imperial Gaming support you. If anyone else would like to make a post similar to this one for any reason, feel free to approach me via DMs, Discord,
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