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  1. @Marlu frags heaps of people, might have a good clip.
  2. Bailey

    Good Memories

    This is an o7 if I’ve ever seen one.
  3. This one actually just hit me hard. Good luck man, I'll miss you heaps.
  4. If I wanted to drive fast I'd drive my Lambo.
  5. I know what I'm buying today.
  6. Thanks Sully, I'm just looking out for my fellow community members you know!
  7. First rule of Fight Club. Don't talk about Fight Club.
  8. Recently people have expressed to me the fact that they crash when loading into SantosRP, I was able to fix this for myself by following this guide. Go into your Steam Library, right click Garry's Mod and go to properties. Then go to betas on the far right tab and change it to the 64-bit beta pictured below. The only problem is that you need to go into the library and launch 64 bit every time rather than joining games, but I really hope this guide helps you, if not, DM me or reply.
  9. We don't have it on the Server do we?
  10. We had a car meet on the Server for Subaru BRZ lovers, we're missing @Wingza here, but we've all got Subaru BRZ's because they look like really wog cars and they have a nice aesthetic to them. Here's some pictures of us lining up, getting ticketed by Pinejack and subsequently bullying Pinejack since our cars can push his around. Sorry @pinejack love you. Thanks for the nice pictures @Marlu @Shepard @wflizzi Wallah these cars are sick @zaspan
  11. It takes a solid 3 minutes to rob a store, that is more than enough time to respond to at least 2 of those situations with a force, sometime's in the real world this stuff happens where multiple situations will occur at the same time and the police need to decide "What is more important?" or spread themselves out to deal with each situation. It's not fun for players if we raid somewhere and then raid somewhere else and it says "Nah, the shop down the street just got hit. Can't raid me." The police will be getting a buff, but I think this is just a bit of a stretch to stop criminal activity.
  12. Come on to the Teamspeak and speak to our Support Team, they may be able to sort you out.
  13. Immediate ear rape. Jesus Christ. Looks like a lot of work into this though, I like it.
  14. Hit me with the drive-by, ouch. Nonetheless, I'll miss seeing you around mate, you were a good member and trained me when I first become an EM with iG.
  15. Server opened December 11th, 2016, so to play in December you played within the first 20 days.
  16. To be a 2016 OG you played within the first 20 days of the Server btw. Just to let people know.
  17. Bailey

    Santos Car Issue

    Just @ me if this is resolved and I'll lock it and resolve it.
  18. Bailey

    Santos Car Issue

    Turn your Model Detail up to high in settings, if that doesn't work, try textures as well. It's a common problem.
  19. Good job habibi. This is easy to read and is something that I think people will definitely use. You have my updoot.
  20. This is the BEST option in my personal experience, just change your name, make it something that isn't mingey and then get into a Regiment, work your ass off once there and then if people figure out its you, well they do, but you've already made it.
  21. Ngl. I don't get it, but it looked like you guys enjoyed yourselves, so that's what counts.
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