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  1. I'm gonna miss you my son. It has been a long time coming, but it still stings a bit.
  2. Sorting out the donation store is a pretty high priority at the moment, but as @Cecil has just inherited Owner there's a lot of stuff to go through, please be patient. For now, buying credits is pretty much 'supporting the server'. Thanks.
  3. So what you're telling me is....Sky is the best 275th Regiment? That's what I'm hearing boys. Pack it up. RIP but, you did your best, best to enjoy yourself over trying to force something.
  4. Oh you’re sorted. Thought you noticed, log into the Server and get a staff member to set you. Speak to Misahu above and get put in the discord.
  5. I'll speak with Cecil about it, but you should be sorted out tomorrow.
  6. In the transfer credits section, transfer the 70 credits to - 76561198101151461 That is the Community Manager's SteamID64, once that's done I'll speak with @Cecil and we'll get you sorted out mate.
  7. Firstly, send a photo of it real quick. Secondly, probably good to speak to Management about this mate. @Cecil and @zaspan should be able to help you.
  8. Light the signal fires. Assemble the Horde. We return to Rishi. @Jay Lamar
  9. Bailey

    hello there

    Welcome back young man.
  10. Bailey

    ISB in the Navy

    Do Navy get to write a report now? Is this like an eye for an eye thing? You logged into their console so they write a report about some rebels?
  11. I have edited the post since you made the poll public, I have removed the results and set the results to the previous positives / negative numbers, being 26 - 5, anyone who votes from here on out's name can be seen. I have removed public polls as an option on the forums for users, please do not do it again, especially after others have voted. Thanks, - Bailey and the Forums Team
  12. gang shit bro INFP-T for life.
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