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  1. +1 im not allowed to comment but we have the same name
  2. took a long break, but he has been a developer before and knows what hes doing 100%. +1
  3. Because he didnt listen to orders and you got salty because of ur big boy rank.... sorry but it just sounds like your upset that he didnt listen to you. Also jumping off the rails, everyone does that.
  4. It was fun, wish everyone the best. Cyas
  5. this is some monika doki doki stuff right there
  6. when can i spend my 0.000001 bitcoins
  7. +1 my higher up so I cant say otherwise
  8. all i know about this tournament is that it would get spammed in comms every time i looked lmao but goodjob staticiser i guess.
  9. Red

    please lock

    You are very new to the server, I would take Donslys advice.
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