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  1. Good luck puppy with filming I like the classic detective films as well Luv ya
  2. *picks up phone* Hi welcome to Imperial gaming
  3. Soz I remember it vaguely
  4. I have some words of wisdom "Look at the snowtroopers more serous than us"-Gards Remnant Master Sgt "OH CRAP I MISS CLICKED" Rooster 212th Warrant Officer-KIA "beep boop" R4-8 MHC droid-the words Before I took a stun baton to the knee "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" ST PVT Nope last words before perma ban "wow that's a lot of sand" ENG-Stryker-whilst cleaning Shore bunks i'm SHORE this will be good
  5. Very sorry Fox I will leave this thread after this reply
  6. COME AT ME M8 jk cinder Is cool
  7. Thing is shore is dead and only person doing things is I being the most active shore So getting shore to do things is pointless as all they do is protect a beach But shore (according to lore) are experts at sand combat and look the best out of all the regiments
  8. One time I was in a guild traveling through the goblin mines By then some giant goblins attack us and my being a light wizard screamed "THE POWER OF CHRIST COMPELS YOU" He went to pull out a cross and smash the giant goblin pieces in the board We soon stopped playing DND and played something else
  9. TIS THE SEASON TO BE JOLLY Ahahahahahhahahahhahahaha
  10. Well shore are very inactive leaving me the only one But storm Marines have invited me to their core and I'm not saying I'm declining that invite But I really just want to be engineers
  11. Current poll 2 for :3 4 Against :0
  12. I haven't any reply from wolf But I think caboose is busy with other stuff Buy I finish school early so I could run it
  13. To post memes and advertisement the server and community
  14. OK this idea is cringe But hear me out I propose an official imperial gaming Instagram account I'm happy to run, manage and post on the account "But Delta isn't Instagram a place full of weirdos? Why yes it is but their might be some people looking to RP and by making this account we can spread all the dumb stuff and memes that we hate up to in-game and in the forums Since Instagram is popular we can reach out further into the world and expand our community and get more people who will hopefully donate. Now I'm still waiting on wolf to reply to my messa
  15. How did you know that wasn't me? -kso Rouge one
  16. 1v1 me roblox Counter blox roblox offense
  17. I'm gonna dab to record
  18. Can be your assistant chef for no specializes In pastry,cookies and pasta
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