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  1. Return of the king
  2. don't tell me to grow up tf
  3. goodbye dirthi, another amazing person gone thank you for everything, never change
  4. actual facts once had 4+ bounty hunters come curb stomp my ass at brig because our resources were stretched to thin (when i was shock) @Fredrick @Shepard @Binny
  5. Swap role for MT Imperial Doctor Doctor's Aide- CL1 Doctor- CL2 Senior Doctor- CL3 Head Doctor- CL4 all Doctors have 100 health At CL3+ you get 150 health Only gun is DH-17 and Rk3 Officer at Cl3 Not Legally allowed near combat Rp only Regiment, can only do Healing rp from backline if in combat while wearing Doctor Scrubs they suffer in regiment punishment or ic punishment ISB or AHC (By combat i mean going head first into gun fights armed) While on Rotations can Do Rp with Treating Civilians Or M9K double Barrel Shotguns for Engineers, remove all ot
  6. The 23rd is Among us 
    (100 iq) 


    1. Shepard



  7. wait Hyperion never messaged me when his account was hacked
  8. another thing Civilians aren't punching bags, so stop treating them so unkindly, Regardless if Xeno or not.
  9. Yooo Kevin Rudd 


    1. Kristofer


      He seems to be quite the gamer

  10. See ya Pulse, been a good one, good luck with School and work
  11. Goodbye Phobia, I'm gonna miss you we shared Alot of fun times and incredible events thanks for everything <3
  12. Welcome Back Smoke Missed you aswell
  13. merry christmas 

  14. Arg Fine I guess you are my Little Christmas-Champ @Shepard

  15. Naptune dude omg shush 

  16. it's the most wonderful time of the year

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