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  1. i'll think about it also i thought this was a leaving post wtf @Kristofer
  2. Fallout New vegas Amazing game Gmod, Shit game but still have fun Rising storm 2: Vietnam, Kinda dead but servers still exist Titanfall 2 is incredible Insurgency Sandstorm is good but the servers are dead If you can learn how to play arma 3 it's good Hoi4 is pretty fun (better than Shitty Eu4) Bioshock is pretty good single player experience Among us is pretty sus The Metro Series and Tomb Raider series are worth a try
  3. I remember something happening with showers.. @Mongo @Luigi @Vadrian
  4. Delta


    Yoo PTSD Post Traumatic Swag Disorder
  5. yo didn't you do a live performance once
  6. What are your thoughts? Do songs when they're preformed live just sound better or do you not like them for some reason I for one like live songs to certain other songs like "Take me to the River" by the Talking Heads might Just be me though thoughts?
  7. Wednesday i get paid that week
  8. idk a casual day or some shit where like for one day the entire ISD is OOC and we can have like people just walking around and chatting and branches can work together and make a thing to show how creative the branch is as a big team
  9. Shine on you Crazy Diamond 

  10. Play Video games Read a book Go outside and enjoy the rain (find some puddles to jump in) Cook food (I try) make large amounts of Hot chocolate Practice knife throwing with siblings
  11. i'm about to rage against the machine
  12. i wanna fire the Deathstar laser and/or Develop more sophisticated weapons and Devices for the Empire also being on a base and leading the Direction of it being setup would be kinda fun
  13. The Engineer one: Retirement with his Daughter (Delta Sanders) The shock one: A Retirement to Naboo (Dereck. Delta) The Sky one: Already KIA from a Xenomorph ('Delta') The St one: Become a Trainer at the Academy (Phillip. D. 'Delta'. Anderson) i have many backstories for many people but the one i hope to keep the most is Delta Sanders I plan for him to Retire before the Destruction of the second Deathstar and survive. And under the new Republic Serve as a Scientist to better Research creating Energy Resources and Farming Equipment with his Daughter and The Surviving SC Colon
  14. Delta


    "Hey Jim whats this weird broadcast" "I don't know sir" "Should we do something" "It looks cool enough lets leave it" "haha look at this Stormtrooper" -Engineers finding a weird stream (not that we'll follow up)
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